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High-temperature material for use in medicine

toolcraft invests in environmentally friendly temperature-control equipment for processing PEEK

(PresseBox) (Georgensgmünd, ) On a daily basis, the medical technology industry strives to find technological manufacturing solutions capable of making long-lasting improvements to our quality of life. toolcraft's contribution is the production of small and micro injection-moulded parts. The company's expertise in this area ranges from standard thermoplastics to high-temperature materials. By making targeted investments in specific state-of-the-art equipment and process technology, the company manufactures products such as hearing aids using a two-component injection moulding process. Now toolcraft is investing in a new method for heating the injection-moulding tool needed to process polyetheretherketone (PEEK) in an environmentally friendly manner.

PEEK – a versatile high-temperature material
The high-temperature material PEEK is resistant to almost all organic and inorganic chemicals. As well as being used as an insulating material in power cables, its properties make it ideal for use in a wide variety of sectors, including the automotive, aerospace and food industries. In comparison with the majority of other thermoplastics, PEEK has a very high melting point of between 370 and 400°C and can be processed in its liquid state during injection moulding. Since it is autoclavable, biocompatible and radiolucent, it is especially useful in the medical technology industry, where it can, for example, be used to produce dental implants or processed into hearing aids.

New method for controlling the temperature of PEEK
When processing PEEK, Toolcraft currently employs cartridge heaters that heat the mould to the required temperature of at least 200°C. Since these heaters are electrical, they are slow at conducting heat, making the temperature difficult to control. The new investment made by toolcraft breaks this cycle. "The equipment's temperature control medium enables the tool to be constantly heated to 200°C. This is the ideal mould temperature for PEEK for the production of injection-moulded parts," says Thomas Lender, head of injection moulding at toolcraft.

Improved quality and environmentally friendly at the same time

The new solution allows the temperature of the injection-moulding tool to be maintained at an even level, while the constant conduction of heat enables heating with a minimal amount of energy. Furthermore, the steady temperature enhances the reproducibility of the injection-moulded parts. The reduced cycle time increases the output, while the quality of the components produced is also improved. The new equipment therefore enables effective PEEK processing using an environmentally friendly method.

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MBFZ toolcraft GmbH

As a partner of engineers of almost all industrial sectors toolcraft manufactures precision parts, assemblies, moulds and injection moulded parts. Industries are for example the semiconductors, aerospace, medical technology, optical industry, special machinery manufacturing as well as motor sports and automotive.

Thereby toolcraft relies on innovations and invests in future technologies like 3D printing in metal as well as construction of individual robotic solutions. Part of the corporate philosophy is also an intensive cooperation with partners, such as Unicam Software GmbH, YPTI Indonesia, CONCEPT Laser GmbH.

The medium-sized family-owned company, located in Georgensgmünd and Spalt, was founded in 1989 by Bernd Krebs.