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Customized high-end components for the last 25 years

Toolcraft celebrates its 25th anniversary

(PresseBox) (Georgensgmünd, ) This year Toolcraft celebrates its 25th anniversary. Customized precision parts are produced in Georgensgmünd since 1989. The three managing directors proudly look back on the development of their medium-sized company. Investment in new technologies, continuous expansion of the machine park and further training of employees: that made Toolcraft growing fast especially in the last years.

The company at a glance

As a partner of engineers of almost all industrial sectors Toolcraft manufactures precision parts, assemblies, moulds and injection moulded parts. Exemplary industries are aerospace, motor sports and automotive as well as medical technology. Since its foundation by Bernd Krebs in 1989, Toolcraft has followed a dedicated strategy of growth. Innovations and the continuous expansion of the machine park made this possible. All in all 254 workers are employed at the parent plant in Georgensgmünd and the mould making facility in Spalt. The total floor space covers more than 10.500 m².

Toolcraft in the history of time

The first big step in history was the opening of an own building in the year 1992. On 630 m² the core competence was turning and milling of precision parts. Already eight years later the space was no longer enough. The movement into the Handelsstraße formed the further development of the company. Since 2000 the total floor space grew from 2000 m² in the beginning up to 10.500 m² at last. The acquisition of the "Spalter Feinwerktechnik"(former Trix company) in 2005 also maintained the expansion of capacities. Today the automated mould making is located there. The injection moulding facility moved to Georgensgmünd in 2012 - because of the lack of space.

Continuous expansion of services

From the beginning, measuring and testing was an elementary part. Over the time it became an independent dimension. Even the year 2009 could not stop the growth. In that year the financial and economic crisis reached its peak. In this time, the company tried to enter new branches. Furthermore it established new technologies. The expansion of its portfolio with laser melted precision parts demonstrated the willingness to invest. In the meantime the machine park expanded continuously, recently in 2013 with the third metal laser machine. In the same year Toolcraft installed a system for non-destructive surface testing of components.

Verifiable quality - and at the same time kind to the environment

Besides the certification according to EN ISO 9001 Toolcraft is certificated in the aerospace and defence sector since 2009 (EN ISO 9100). Since March 2014 the company also fulfils the requirements of EN ISO 13485 in the medical technology. The memberships in the QuB association as well as the participation in the "Umweltpakt" demonstrate the environmentally conscious actions of the company. Using the waste of manufacturing machines for shop floor heating is one example. Generating electricity from solar energy through photovoltaic systems and the cooling of the production halls by a groundwater well are further ones. Latest technologies such as the metal laser melting permits energy efficient, resource saving and waste reducing production. Finally, local employees with mostly very short commuting distances also help to minimise the impact on the environment.

Continuous growth - repeatedly honoured

For innovative and responsible entrepreneurship Toolcraft was awarded with the Bavarian "Mittelstandspreis". This year the company received the Middle Franconian as well as the Bavarian Founder Award in the category "Newcomer". This category rewards such founders, whose companies are at least five years old and reached an extraordinary growth in revenues in a very short time - with the potential to market leadership.

Success story Toolcraft - employee as a success factor

One important success factor is the recruiting and long-term binding of highly qualified employees.

Toolcraft invests in the further professional and personal development of its employees. Furthermore it supports its talents on their way to master craftsman's, technical and engineering qualifications. The innovative vigour and willingness to learn is the key to the success story of Toolcraft. The familiar climate also remained stable over the time. Trust and an open communication worked effectively. Therefore the company anniversary was celebrated with all workers and their families.

MBFZ toolcraft GmbH

As a partner of engineers of almost all industrial sectors Toolcraft manufactures precision parts, assemblies, moulds and injection moulded parts. Industries are for example the semiconductors, optical industry, special machinery manufacturing, motor sports and automotive, medical technology as well as the aerospace sector.

Thereby Toolcraft values long-term business relationships. Thus even the most extraordinary tasks can be solved in the shortest possible time. And always to the complete satisfaction of its clients in the industrial sector and universities.

Part of the corporate philosophy is an intensive cooperation with partners, such as Unicam Software GmbH, YPTI Indonesia, CONCEPT Laser GmbH, Solidpro GmbH. Therefore Toolcraft is able to offer technologically and economically convincing holistic solutions.