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Automated C 50 UP now available

(PresseBox) (Gosheim, ) With pallet changer systems in several different sizes, we are setting new standards for setup in parallel to production with our highly dynamic 3-axis, 4-axis, and especially 5-axis machines. Increased productivity through additionally adaptable storage systems.

In April 2006, Hermle AG presented its new large-scale machining centre C 50 U dynamic. Following a successful market launch, automation has now been introduced along with the new PW 2000 pallet change system and three different additional tool magazines.

Like all Hermle pallet change systems, the system is adapted frontally as a complete unit (complete transport) on the front of the C 50 U. The result of this combination is a new name, C 50 UP dynamic.

The pallet changing system PW 2000 was specially designed for the C 50 U dynamic and is able to handle transport weights up to 2000 kg per side including pallet. The system consists of an NC-controlled traversing unit and a rotary element with double gripper. The generously dimensioned access doors (on the front and side) allow for ergonomic access to the working area and machine setup station for the machine operator.

The additional tool magazines are adapted to the standard loading station on the back of the machine and offer an additional 41 or 162 tool pockets for the SK 40/HSK A 63 interface or an additional 124 tool pockets for the SK 50 / HSK A 100 interface. An additional control panel for direct tool data input is located directly on the tool loading position where up to 6 tools can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously. The additional magazines increase machining capacity and most importantly allow for long machine run times with automated systems. An internal tool management program integrated into the control unit makes tool management easier for users.

The next phase will also offer a memory unit for as many as 21 pallet pockets.

Key technical points of PW 2000
Pallet dimensions: 800 x 800 / Ø 1000 mm or 1000 x 800 / Ø 1166 mm
Pallet pockets or storage units 2
Pallet pockets with storage unit 21
Transport weight per side max. 2000 kg incl. pallet Repeating accuracy < 0.01 mm
NC-controlled traversing unit with lifting device
Rotary element with double gripper
Large sliding door at the front with optimum access to the setup station
Side access door with direct access to the working area of the machine; does not cause any restriction from the pallet change system. The machine control panel can be rotated through the door in front of the machine working area.

Key technical points of additional magazines
Additional magazines with up to 41,124 or 162 tool pockets Tool diameter up to 250 mm
Tool lengths up to 430 mm
Tool weights up to 30 kg
Interfaces SK 40 / HSK A 63 or SK 50 / HSK A 100

Information on the basic machine
Basic machine structure in reliable modified gantry design with optimum main axis support. Tandem drive in the Y-axis for high machine dynamics. Forces are ideally absorbed by three guideways, each with one guide shoe.

Two NC swivelling rotary tables with integrated torque motor (C-axis) and tandem drive (A-axis). Swivel ranges from +30° / -115° for flexible use in the 5-axis sector. High machine dynamics for fast tool changing times and dynamic milling processes, and all that with precision in the single-digit µ range. Proven control unit technology with the most modern bus technology for reliable milling strategies.

Useful details such as access platforms in front of and beside the machine, automatic roof section, swarf conveyor, cassette lining with integrated central cable routing, service doors in front of all fluid units, stainless steel covered working area plus options such as internal coolant supply, oil mist extraction and much more make for ideal use in the manufacturing area.

Overview of some of the advantages:
- Tandem drive for high machine dynamics in the Y-axis
- Optimal force behaviour through 3 guides, each with one guide shoe
- Linear axes above the working area
- Working area with vertical walls for optimum swarf ejection,completely covered in stainless steel
- Excellent accessibility with optimum ergonomics for the operator
- Direct drive system in the C-axis (torque motor)
- Tandem drive in the A-axis for dynamic 5-axis machining of workpieces up to 2000 kg
- Enclosed working area with automatic roof section and laminated glass/PC panes
- Most modern bus technology