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Information Security concerns us all!

DIN 66399 – the new Standard for safe Destruction and Disposal of Data Carriers containing confidential, personal and/or sensitive Data.

(PresseBox) (Markdorf/Bodensee, ) MARTIN YALE presents the new Standard DIN 66399.

For decades, the destruction of Data Carriers was governed by the standard DIN 32757-1:1995-01, which applied exclusively to paper.
With the rapid spread of digital Data Carriers and growing demands for information security, a revision became necessary. The new DIN 66399 takes full account of the current situation, and will supersede the old data protection standard DIN 32757.
DIN 66399 is structured into two parts. Part 1 defines the relevant terms and specifies the protection categories and security levels. In total all media is classified into 3 protection categories, 6 material classes and 7 security levels.
Part 2 sets out the requirements for equipment used for the safe destruction of data carriers.

The new principles were drafted by the Information Technology and selected IT Applications Standards Committee (NIA) of the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN), which summarises them as follows:
“Safe disposal in this context means that Data Carriers containing protected information must be destroyed in such a way as to render the reproduction of that information either impossible or as difficult as possible.“
Experts from organisations throughout the business have participated in the NIA Committee in order to work out the new standard. Among them were the Martin Yale experts.
Markus Sattel, head of product management at Martin Yale, describes the cooperation in the NIA Committee as „a constructive dialog which has been controversial but purposeful at any time. The result that the committee is now presenting is supported by all parties. We are convinced that DIN 66399 will be within short time as internationally well received as the old standard used to be. It will become a fix point among international standards for information security.”

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