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The Future of the Zoom

Latest generation cameras from eneo’s Candid and Callisto series make the zoom mobile: the “Pointing Zoom” and “Smart Motion Zoom” features enlarge whatever is important – everywhere in the monitoringarea.

(PresseBox) (Rödermark, ) With their innovative Pointing Zoom and Smart Motion Zoom features, the latest generation video security cameras from eneo's Candid and Callisto series are opening up new opportunities for applications in addition to creating savings potentials in professional video surveillance. As opposed to cameras with a conventional zoom restricted to objects in the centre of the frame, cameras with Pointing Zoom and Smart Motion Zoom allow zooming in on anything in the monitoring area so that objects or persons anywhere in the field of view can be enlarged. This is highly beneficial for video security applications in entrances and at cash registers, in corridors and stairwells, or at ATMs.

One problem known from video security in practice: cameras with a fixed or variable focal length frequently do not zoom in on the face, rather the feet, because the person moves or the head is not in centre frame - assuming the zoom did not actually go fully past the crucial event. Of course, this problem can be avoided by installing a PTZ model or multiple fixed cameras, or also by opting for one of the latest Candid or Callisto models from eneo with their Pointing Zoom and Smart Motion Zoom features allowing flexible definition of the zoom area. They support users in retrieving the exact image area relevant for identification of persons or assessment of a situation. The key factor is that this image area can be anywhere in the camera's field of view.

Both features are based on the same principle with the difference being that Pointing Zoom is enabled manually when viewing live, whilst Smart Motion Zoom activates in automated video surveillance as soon as the camera detects motion in a specific and also freely defined image area. The sensitivity of the motion detection and display duration of the zoomed image is variable and can be specified individually.

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Marke eneo der VIDEOR E. Hartig GmbH

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