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MAHA New Development: Brake Tester MBT 2100 in Plug and Play version

(PresseBox) (Haldenwang, ) Plug and Play is one of the characteristic features of this new roller brake tester MBT 2100. The well-known English expression "Plug and Play" always defines the char acteristic of technical devices to selectively connect periphery equipment without complicated installation and settings.

Optional trouble-free upgrading of functions

For the MBT 2100, Plug and Play refers to the various function expansions which can be adapted to the needs of the user. For example, a PC or a printer can be attached to the existing RS 232 interface. Connections to a PC network are possible. Additional upgrades include: remote control to manually intervene in the normal automatic procedure of a measurement, connection of an axle load scale, a pedal force meter or the counter run control for brake testing on 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Mounting and installation with minimum effort

"Plug and Play" also applies to all of this. All mechanical parts are in a self-supporting, enclosed roller set unit with a sturdy casing. It is set into a foundation. There is a casing between the two roller pairs in which the entire test stand electronic is located. There are only two external cables: for power supply and signal transmission. The design is ideal for uncomplicated and time-saving installation.

Important data, versions and functions

The MBT 2100 has been developed for brake testing on cars and commercial vans. The maximum permissable axle load, depending on version, is 3 to 5 t. The track widths are in the range of 780 to 2200 mm and/or optionally from 780 to 2800 mm. Roller pairs are driven either by 2.5 kW or 4 kW motors at a test speed of 3 and/or 5 km/h. Measurement value recording is done using a strain gauge measurement system. The meas - urement values are displayed on 2 large, easy-to-read analogue displays with a diameter of 350 mm. The differential display for left to right brake force difference is located between the analogue display.

Status display for functional operation and test readiness is also located here. The extremely flat housing can be attached to the wall or put on a pedestal. It is equipped with several automatic functions: electronic startup monitoring, slip switch-off, re-starting, exit assistance, test stand switch-off after vehicle exit. Test rollers can be welded or coated with synthetic. Optionally a safety cover is available for the rollers.

MAHA's new development is the successor to the proven MAHA roller brake tester IW2 WB. The new MBT 2100 can be used universally thanks to its sophisticated functionality, sturdy design based on extensive MAHA experience with over 50,000 roller brake testers produced to date and the many Plug and Play upgrading possibilities: for vehicle reception, as a diagnostic tool and for the main inspection program.

MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG

MAHA as an important manufacturer: approximately 40% worldwide market share

When it comes to compentency, performance and innovative drive in the production of all kinds of vehicle test stands and other measurement devices as well as complete systems to measure, control and adjust vehicle components, MAHA has been the market leader for many years now (founded in 1969). The production program is rounded out with vehicle lifts in various models. Subsidiaries and dealerships in over 130 countries worldwide is sure proof of successful business activities -not only as manufacturer and supplier, but also as service partner for customers as varied as automotive testing organizations, workshops and manufacturers. To underscore this, MAHA can show a 40% market share worldwide for the named products. Over 1000 employees work for MAHA worldwide.

MAHA Scope of Products: One-Stop Shopping

Test Equipment for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Tractors, Forklifts, Airplanes e.g. for brakes, performance, shock absorbers, side-slip, various functions, tachometers, tachographs, axle and wheel loads, headlights etc.
Lifting equipment in numerous models for all types of vehicles.
Measurement devices for: emission, in particular for diesel emission particles, noise level, vehicle air conditioning, deceleration, closing force, brake fluid, axle play.
For tires: equipment for mounting and balancing
Workshop planning, training for service technicians and users.

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