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BLECH China rebrands as AsiaBLECH

Mack Brooks Exhibitions offers sheet metal working industry the EuroBLECH approach to Asia

(PresseBox) (St Albans, ) Show Organisers Mack Brooks Exhibitions announces the rebranding of its dedicated sheet metal working exhibition in China as ‘AsiaBLECH’. With the new brand name the show is designed to follow the path of EuroBLECH and become the leading sheet metal working exhibition in Asia.

“The rebranding was undertaken with the backing of exhibitors who value and understand the specialised nature of EuroBLECH and who require exhibitions in China with clear dedicated concepts. There are a great many general metalworking events in China to choose from, but the point of AsiaBLECH is to provide the same purity of approach, the same specialised sheet metal audience, that EuroBLECH offers in Europe, except one that pivots from China,” says Stephen Brooks, Chairman of Mack Brooks Exhibitions.

AsiaBLECH will be launched from 11-13 May 2016 in Suzhou International Expo Center and will replace and enhance BLECH China which has taken place successfully at the same venue since 2013. BLECH China was part of Mack Brooks’ series of dedicated sheet metal working events for national growth markets and as such mainly targeted a local audience in a very large domestic market. Now, with China's growing status as the main hub for business across the numerous Asian markets, there is a demand for a leading international sheet metal working exhibition to serve the industry sector as a pivotal marketing platform in the Asian region.

Suzhou, the venue, is located adjacent to Shanghai, with direct access to Shangai’s Pudong International Airport and to Hongqiao International Airport, the main airport serving domestic Chinese visitors to Shanghai. In recent years, China's economy around the Yangtze River Delta has become the engine of China's flourishing economy, with Suzhou at its heart. The region generates 26% of the country's GDP, fulfils 37% export volume, attracts 52% foreign investment and has consistently shown double digit growth per year. It is the economic centre in China’s National Development Programme, and an important international gateway to the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

With AsiaBLECH Mack Brooks Exhibitions presents a dedicated sheet metal working exhibition for manufacturers and subcontractors in the sheet metal forming and fabrication sectors. The exhibition profile encompasses the entire sheet metal working technology chain: sheet metal, semi-finished and finished products, handling, separation, forming, flexible sheet metal working, joining, welding and surface treatment, processing of hybrid structures, tools, quality control, CAD/CAM systems and R&D. AsiaBLECH targets sheet metal engineering visitors from across China and, in addition, from neighbouring Asian countries.

“As in Germany, sheet metal engineering has become a distinct and specialised industry sector in China requiring an exhibition that adequately reflects the nature of the sector. AsiaBLECH now addresses this in China. The show’s vertical trade exhibition concept is the same that EuroBLECH offers its participants in Europe. With EuroBLECH and AsiaBLECH suppliers to the sheet metal working industry can now cover the whole world market via a common group of events, assured of a consistent approach by a familiar independent show organiser,” says Stephen Brooks.

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