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Introducing GMP Compliance Adviser

New name focuses on the benefit to quality and compliance executives in pharmaceutical industry

(PresseBox) (Schopfheim, ) For pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers, meeting Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards has become more complex, challenging and critical —especially considering wide region-by-region regulatory variations globally. 10 years ago quality and compliance executives often relied on a hodgepodge of government and privately published GMP regulations. Today’s managers often seek more nuanced assistance to avoid possible inspection failures and production shut-downs.

The GMP MANUAL already started 10 years ago as just such a precise—and a little dry—regulatory print reference book, but over the decade, the best-selling GMP MANUAL has evolved into a comprehensive digital GMP survival guide: It is now rebranded as GMP Compliance Adviser. In addition to providing easy, instant access to all major GMP standards for Europe, the U.S. and global regulatory bodies the GMP Compliance Adviser also gives managers real-word guidance on a full-range of strategies and tactics for complying with often confusing GMP regulations and passing high-stakes GMP-related inspections all over the world.

“These days, understanding GMP regulations is only half the battle,” notes GMP Publishing Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Peither. “Today’s smart quality and compliance managers also want to set up systematic, cost-effective compliance strategies—to ensure above all that they pass GMP inspections. Second, these managers understand the need for a policy of steadily correcting any deficits from the past. GMP Compliance Adviser helps companies do both.”

GMP compliance is crucial

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is the set of rules for commercial drug manufacturing defined in regulatory documents of health care authorities all over the world. It is crucial for patients that medicinal drugs are manufactured in uncompromisingly high quality for safety reasons.

The GMP Compliance Adviser offers reliable and trusted information and:
  • Keeps your procedures and facilities ready for inspections at any time
  • Puts all important international regulations at your fingertips — in one online reference
  • Authoritative procedure templates help you develop field-tested SOPs fast
  • Enables your quality team to adopt best practices quickly and easily
  • Covers every aspect of international quality, regulatory and compliance standards in manufacturing, packaging, facilities, documentation, IT, audits and more
Over 95 authors, all noted industry specialists, and 22 staff members are currently combining their knowledge for the success of the GMP Compliance Adviser.

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Product Information

GMP Compliance Adviser:

Finally a single online tool ensures you meet international GMP Regulations and pass inspections and audits with utter confidence. Helps you achieve pristine quality at every level, for every process in your pharmaceutical facility.
The database is available for individuals or corporation.

Starting as low as
€ 99 / US$ 119 per month for one single user

Available at
For questions contact Annette Crawford

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Maas & Peither AG

Maas & Peither AG, also known as GMP Publishing, was founded as a specialized professional information provider in 1999 and presently employs a staff of 22, with 95 authors and more than 10,000 users worldwide.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of pharmaceutical products is the focus of the publishing & service program. The company is located at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry in the geographical triangle formed by Germany, Switzerland and France.

The GMP Compliance Adviser forms the core of the portfolio and has become the standard reference work on the topic of GMP in the pharmaceutical industry. This knowledge base is held in high regards by experts worldwide.

Furthermore, approximately 100 additional publications (such as SOPs, risk analyses, checklists, e-learning programs) provide assistance in implementing GMP requirements in conformity with general practice and regulatory authorities.