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Free webinars: PDF/A-3 and DocYard In Practice

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(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) ISO-compliant long-term archiving; creating and processing digital ZUGFeRD invoices; email management; secure documents with sensitive data in the pharmaceutical industry; production optimisation in scanning and in the mailroom - you can do it all with LuraTech. In the following webinars, we'll show you how:

Be there live

Be there live when we use PDF/A and DocYard in real-world scenarios. Our experts will explain every step as they demonstrate it in real time. Available on request -using just a chat client on your own PC, in your own office.

Special offers and incoming mail: implement it quickly with DocYard

Postcard-based offers, special sales promotions, unplanned special offers: it's hard to know what your mailroom will be dealing with even a few months from now. We'll show you how DocYard can help you react quicker than ever to new demands from your sales departments and specialists. DocYard allows you to quickly set up new jobs and meet the demands of sales and specialist staff in full. Easily configure jobs, use pre-defined process steps and many other DocYard functions to help. Want to learn how it's done?

12th of September 2013, 11:00 am, german

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PDF/A-3 as a basis for e-invoicing with ZUGFeRD

This webinar's focus is on creating and processing FeRD-compatible PDF/A-3 invoices. The webinar is primarily targeted at developers creating or processing e-invoices within their solutions (such as ERP systems). The introduction will briefly discuss the ISO standard PDF/A and its third component part, PDF/A-3. The ZUGFeRD initiative for standardising invoice data, from the Forum for Electronic Billing in Germany (FeRD), will then be explained. There will of course be a practical element as well, as we show how you can create and process PDF/A-3 invoices with embedded ZUGFeRD XML data. A number of different integration scenarios will be shown, explaining how existing systems can make it possible to create and process ZUGFeRD-compatible PDF/A-3 files. Register here:

19th of September 2013, 11:00 am, german

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PDF/A-3 as a reliable document format for the pharmaceutical sector

First, the ISO standard for long-term document archiving, PDF/A, will be introduced. We will then discuss specific document-related demands in the pharmaceutical sector. In the practical segment, we will discuss a complex case study in which source data and test reports (CRF and CRT) were summarised in a complex PDF/A report. The conclusion will provide an overview of potential applications within the pharmaceutical industry.

17th of October 2013, 11:00 am, german

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17th of October 2013, 3:00 pm, englisch

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Converting emails to PDF/A

The use of PDF/A as an archive format is now an unquestionably big trend in ECM. Another trend in the ECM sector is the subject of email management and archiving. In our webinar, you will learn strategies for implementing email management systems with PDF/A. Our up-to-the-moment webinar will first provide a short introduction to the subject of email management and briefly summarise the most important aspects of the PDF/A standard. A range of scenarios will illustrate possible ways to convert emails and their attachments to PDF/A. PDF/A - and PDF/A-3 in particular - open up possibilities that had until now been thought impossible.

21st of November 2013, 11:00 am, german

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21st of November 2013, 3:00 pm, english

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