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Sulfur Recovery Process Optimization

LumaSense Technologies' E2T Pulsar series is a state-of- the-art thermometry solution for Sulfur Recovery

(PresseBox) (Santa Clara, CA / Frankfurt/M., ) Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas found in crude oils and natural gas. At all temperatures, it is corrosive to carbon steel and most engineering alloys and must be removed from finished petroleum products. The Claus Process takes place in a sulfur recovery unit (SRU) where H2S is converted into sulfur through thermal and catalytic processes.

The reclaimed sulfur is an important component in the production of fertilizers and sulfuric acid for industrial chemical processes. Accurate temperature control is required, particularly in the reaction furnace to prevent damage to the refractory lining and maximize yield. Given the high temperatures and corrosive nature of the process, this is a challenge for temperature instrumentation.

In a refinery, the operator needs to monitor the composition of the feed gas constantly, while watching for refractory-damaging temperature excursions resulting from unexpected loads of ammonia or hydrocarbons. With the advent of oxygen enrichment processes, operating much closer to the refractory temperature limit requires not only accurate temperature measurement but early warning of excessive gas temperatures.

Typical methods of temperature monitoring include embedded thermocouples, and modern infrared monitoring of the flame and refractory temperatures which has been shown to provide reliable process control and continuous hazardous condition warning

LumaSense's E²T Pulsar family of detection systems are designed for continuous and instantaneous measurement of Refractory Temperature (RT), Gas Temperature (GT) or Integrated Temperature (FF) in the vessel away from the heat, vibration, and corrosive gases.

In-plant tests show infrared pyrometers are the most precise way to measure temperatures. Over 550 refineries, gas plants, and petrochemical companies with over 1,700 installations worldwide have looked to LumaSense's E²T product line for accurate infrared temperature data. When you install our lnfrared Detection Systems, you are investing in proven experience, superior performance, and cost savings.

Additional information about our solutions for the Petrochemical Industry will be provided during MEPEC 2013 congress, taking place in Bahrain from Sep. 30 to Oct 2. Come visit us at the LumaSense booth 34 in Hall 1.

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