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Spanish Sales Success for LUM and excellent customer loyalty program in Israel

LUM awarded Spanish and Israeli partners Best Distributors 2013

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) The 15th International Sales Meeting took place at the headquarters of LUM GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof in the end of January. LUM is market leader for innovative analytical instruments for particle characterization and for direct and accelerated characterization of emulsions and suspensions. In materials testing of composites and surfaces, LUM customers at the end of the value chain benefit from the Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac, successfully introduced to the market in 2013. The world-wide success of LUM GmbH is based not at least on the regular technical and intercultural exchange between LUM people and sales partners from around the world.

"This year, we would like to thank our Spanish partner Comercial Química Jover, S.L., for successfully selling our instruments of all product lines LUMiSizer, LUMiFuge, LUMiReader and LUMiCheck", explains Prof. Lerche, Managing Director of LUM GmbH. "Despite the ongoing difficult general conditions in Spain, the very good sales results of the preceding year were repeated in 2013. It is our pleasure to award our Spanish partner Best Distributor 2013." LUM customers on the Iberian Peninsula include home and personal care and ceramics industries as well as universities.

"Reviewing the good sales year 2013 and the running projects, we recognize in parallel our Israeli distributor Tetra Sense Scientific Tools, Ltd. for the effective customer loyalty program. Customers all over the world benefit from the outstanding support of the researchers in Israeli universities and industries." continues Prof. Lerche.

During the International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing 2014, representatives of the world-wide largest manufacturer of OTC-pharmaceuticals Perrigo shared their experiences using a Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer as a Bioequivalence Tool in Nasal Spray Product Development. The Stability Analyser LUMiFuge is used at Perrigo for the Development of a Stable Emulsion Foam.

Several aspirants from Israel applied for the Young Scientist Award 2014, donated by LUM GmbH. Researchers from Bar-Ilan University, discussing the sediment formation in dense colloidal fluids, and from Hebrew University Jerusalem, with results from the Formation of Carbon Nanotube Dispersions and Their Rapid Characterization, belonged to the finalists.

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