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LNT Automation GmbH founds new Business Unit

An innovative approach to control panels on noble glass is the main product of LNT Automation’s new business unit.

(PresseBox) (Leutenbach-Nellmersbach, ) An innovative approach to control panels on noble glass is the main product of LNT Automation’s new business unit. The safety glass is functionalised by means of directly applied capacitive sensors and is resistant against disinfectants. Because of that, the appealingly looking glass control panels are ideally suited for laboratory and medical use, cleanroom equipment, and sanitation applications. A special process allows LNT Automation to use the glass panel like a printed circuit board: The electronic components are directly soldered to the back side of the glass panel.

No question: Glass operating panels do not only provide ageless elegance, they also express a high level of value. On top of that, glass is insensitive against disinfectants and cleansers and therefore is ideally suited for a multitude of applications, ranging from medical and laboratory equipment across switches for building automation to panels for gastronomy and household applications. Because the electronics is hermetically sealed behind the glass front, this new technology can also be used for electronic shower fittings or for innovative operating concepts in wellness and sanitation.

LNT Automation has developed a special process that enables soldering the electronic components that do the capacitive detection of touch on the back of the glass panel. This does not only conserve resources, it primarily saves space. The required installation depth dwindles to just a few millimetres. Thanks to the short signal paths and the clever thought-through capacitive signal analysis, even the slightest touch of the operating area is recognised dependably. Additional lighting supports intuitive and user-friendly operation.

The glass front of these innovative and classy operating panels can be shaped and designed in any way. Grinded-in haptic guidances for the fingertips can be put into reality as easily as colourful designs and logos. Any further media will no be bothered, neither by the glass panel nor by the electronics.

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LNT Automation GmbH

LNT Automation GmbH was founded in early 1999 as a sister company to Karl Lumberg GmbH & Co. KG. The focus of the company then was the development of field-bus technology. During the same year, the company also started servicing the industry with equipping PCBs. In October 2006, the company was acquired by the newly-created LNT Automation GmbH in form of an asset deal and then moved into new production premises in Leutenbach-Nellmersbach, 25 km (approx. 15 miles) North-East of Stuttgart.
Today, LNT Automation develops and manufactures customer-specific solutions in electronics.

LNT Automation GmbH is member of the Cluster Mikrosystemtechnik, the competence network for intelligent, minaturized systems and their applications.