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Free evaluation of new standard based PCB Layer Stack Editor

On the upcoming SMT 2008 fair in Nuernberg, Germany, LKSoftWare is presenting its new IDA-STEP PCB Layer Stack Editor at the FED association community booth 233 in hall 9. Free evaluation licenses are available at

(PresseBox) (Kuenzell, ) How much time do you spend for each new production order with the synchronization of PCB design, fabrication and the procurement process? For complex PCBs informal documentation methods on (digital) paper of the underlying technology such as layer stack, via types, materials and dimensions are no longer appropriate. However there was no common format to document PCB technologies so far.

The 2nd edition of STEP-AP210 (ISO 10303-210) "Electronic Assembly Interconnect and Packing Design" is the standardized solution to this data exchange issue. It provides the capability to specify recommendations such as given in the IPC-2226 "Sectional Design Standard for High Density Interconnect (HDI) Printed Boards". The new IDA-STEP PCB Layer Stack Editor is the first tool to leverage this capability. All kinds of multi-layer, micro-vias and build-up technologies can be documented in this computer sensible format.

The editor may be used stand-alone or in combination with particular PCB designs, either together with the artwork given by Gerber files or with completely detailed design information. For the latter case the native PCB-CAD data is imported into IDA-STEP and converted into the AP210 format as well.

With the free IDA-STEP Viewer you are able to visualize the data at any time and to use the data for long term archiving. Other usages are simulation tools such as DFXpert from SFM Technology Inc. ( or Warpage Simulation from InterCAX Inc. (

How to use the tool in practise? Usually a PCB designer cannot be expected to specify a complete PCB technology by his own because this would require some detailed information only the fabricator is aware of. So the fabricators will do the first step in documenting their regular and special technologies and publish this information. The PCB designer and client will browse and select a technology that is closest to the given requirements. As needed they have to modify the selected technology, e.g. by changing the thickness of a layer or by specifying a different finish for the external lands. This modified data can now directly be used for tendering. The PCB fabricator can easily check the data for completeness and compare it with his production capabilities, thus being able to produce a quote without much effort.

LKSoft offers free 90 day licenses for everyone in June and July 2008. If you provide your feedback to LKSoft the license will be extended to a full year.

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