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Preview for ADLINK Technology for Embedded World Nuremberg 2012, Booth number : 1.532

(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) ADLINK Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 6166), a leading supplier of industrial building blocks, will present amongst other products the following new highlights at the Embedded World Show Nuremberg:

1. Adlink's Feature-rich 3U CompactPCI® PlusIO Compatible Blade with IPMI and TPM support

The cPCI-3970 Series is equipped with the 2nd Generation Intel® Core(TM) i7 processor and QM67 PCH.

Adlink will showcase the cPCI-3970 Series, the first 3U CompactPCI PlusIO compatible processor blade in its product lineup that supports high-speed serial point-to-point connections. The ADLINK cPCI-3970 Series is equipped with the latest quad and dual core 2nd Generation Intel® Core(TM) i7/i5 processor with ECC memory support, and the Intel® QM67 Platform Controller Hub (PCH). It is a high performance solution for applications in industrial control and automation, transportation, and medical segments that require enhanced graphics capabilities, ECC memory and high speed I/O interconnects.

The cPCI-3970 Series includes two blade types based on the same electrical and mechanical design: the cPCI-3970 which is equipped with HM connectors, and the fully PICMG 2.30 compliant cPCI-3971 which features an Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) J2 connector with a data transfer speed of 5 Gb/s. Both products are compatible with the CompactPCI PlusIO pin assignment and support PCI Express Gen2 x4, three SATA ports, three USB 2.0 ports and two Gigabit Ethernet ports at the J2 connector.

2.0 The New Smart Panel Series

We will also showcase the revolutionary new Smart Panel series of products designed to provide a new "all-in-one" concept to panel computing applications, such as factory automation equipment, transportation systems, multimedia navigation devices, advertising systems, interactive kiosks, and medical care systems. The Smart Panel series of products provide users an embedded human-machine (HMI) where cloud computing is used for the Things of the Internet in both public and private cloud services to enable access to information and services from any location as needed.

Smart Panel products comprise highly-integrated, ultra-thin, and flexible designs ready for development. Benefits of this series of products include a quicker time-to-market of your end products, reduced development risks and costs, and simplified material management. This is the first series of products on the marketplace to integrate the CPU, networking capability, and a display into a single panel device. The 8" model Smart Panel offers a screen brightness of up to 800 cd/m2 (compared to 250 - 300 cd/m2 in commonly found in the LCD panels available in the marketplace) to ensure a clear image both indoor and even outside under direct sunlight. The high-resolution full-color interface makes it much easier for users to use the device to gather data and display images, reports, and text for viewing through simple operations.

The integrated touch screen feature is not only provided in response to recent market trends, but also eliminates the need for system integrators to worry about cleanliness requirements between the LCD panel and touch screen if they were to apply their own. The high-brightness Smart Panel provides resistive or capacitive touch-panel options for greatest flexibility with different system designs. All of these features are provided in a modular design of less than 2 cm to further extend the flexibility offered to designers for their industrial-grade panel computer.

3. Supporting the COM Standard from Kontron

As recently announced announced Adlink Technology will also support the new Computer-on-Module (COM) standard from Kontron for ultra low-power embedded architecture platforms with a whole new line of products. Building on our design experience with ARM/RISC in OEM and Intelligent Display projects, this marks ADLINK's first endeavor outside x86 boundaries for a standard form factor product offering.

The new COM standard provides a very slim and low profile solution for ARM/RISC and SOC based ultra low-power processors. The standard specifically targets new fast growing markets such as handheld devices and industrial tablets, and in the near future is also expected to move into more traditional applications such as industrial control and data communications. It will be based on a 314-pin MXM 3.0 connector that allows for a total package height of less than 5 mm for both module and carrier. Two module sizes are specified: a very compact "short" module measuring just 82 mm x 50 mm and a "full size" module measuring 82 mm x 80 mm. The defined pin-out will be able to support both traditional features such as 24-bit RGB, and will be future proof by supporting more modern standards such as LVDS, HDMI and DisplayPort. Power consumption of these ARM/RISC solutions will be on the order of 3W.

ADLINK Technology GmbH

ADLINK Technology provides a wide range of embedded computing products and services to the test & measurement, automation & process control, gaming, communications, medical, network security, and transportation industries. ADLINK products include PCI Express®-based data acquisition and I/O; vision and motion control; and AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, and Computer-on-Modules (COMs) for industrial computing. With the acquisition of Ampro Computers, Inc., ADLINK also provides a wide range of Extreme Rugged and Rugged Single Board Computers, Computer-on-Modules and Systems under the brand name Ampro by ADLINK. ADLINK strives to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its customers by providing customization and system integration services, maintaining low manufacturing costs, and extending the lifecycle of its products. ADLINK is a global company with headquarters and manufacturing in Taiwan; R&D and integration in Taiwan, China, and the US; and an extensive network of worldwide sales and support offices.

ADLINK is ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485 and TL9000 certified, is an Associate Member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance, an Executive Member of PICMG, and a Sponsor Member of the PXI Systems Alliance. ADLINK is a publicly traded company listed on the TAIEX Taiwan Stock Exchange (stock code: 6166).

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