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The LIB-IT DMS GmbH presents the Enterprise Information Management System FILERO 3.0 at the CeBIT 2015 - Responsive Design, HTML 5, Bootstrap etc.

FILERO 3.0, the current Version of the EIMS offers the latest technology and a revised design. The FILERO Client 10.0 provides even better integration of FILERO in all business processes

(PresseBox) (Pleidelsheim, ) The LIB-IT DMS GmbH, global system provider for solutions for the storage and searching of all types of structured and unstructured data, presents its completely revised, web-based Enterprise Information Management System FILERO at this year's CeBIT from March 16th to 20th, 2015. In addition to a new version of the database, FILERO 3.0 has received a completely revised layout as well as many new features. Moreover, the FILERO Client Version 10.0, which makes the interaction with MS Office products even easier, will be presented in Hall 3, booth F36.

The quantity of accrued data and documents in companies often makes it hard to keep track and, at the same time, meet all compliance requirements. In 2003, the LIB-IT DMS GmbH managed to provide a remedy by creating the central, web-based and integrated Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Solution FILERO. This reliably covers all functions related to archiving, records management, DMS, email management, data and knowledge management as well as content integration. The system seamlessly integrates into existing IT environments, thereby allowing automated data exchange with other systems via various interfaces, e.g., with financial accounting and ERP systems.

FILERO 3.0 can be used anywhere thanks to responsive design

FILERO 3.0 received a complete overhaul according to the newest technical aspects in order to meet current needs of the users. A completely redesigned layout based on HTML 5, WCAG, CSS, bootstrap, and the responsive web design now allows users to, among other things, use FILERO on any device, whether stationary PC or smartphone, with the usual comfort. In addition, the new version of the powerful, object-oriented database "Caché 2014" has been used for the system, enabling the application to run even faster.

Functions upgraded once again

In terms of functionality, FILERO has also received upgrades in version 3.0. Starting with a customer specific menu configuration, which can be adapted to individual requirements for the whole company or for individual users. Through workflow integration, each user sees all pending tasks and has direct access to the related records in FILERO that require their attention. In turn, the handling of documents has experienced an overhaul thanks to the PDF Viewer and template management. No file download is required to navigate and search within PDFs, and the attachment of templates for MS Office products to FILERO classes has greatly simplified the following read-out and automated data filling.

Further emphasis has been put on the search within FILERO. For this purpose, the linguistic functions "DATE", "INDEX" and "SUMUP" have been integrated. While "DATE" ensures that dates in every possible format will be found, "SUMUP" simplifies the search by combining long documents into five meaningful sentences. Using "INDEX", all components of compounds as well as basic shapes and much more are indexed, thus further simplifying the traceability of desired documents.

FILERO Client 10.0 simplifies data transfer

FILERO Client is used to enable documents and emails to be sent to FILERO. It transfers all of the files from the local client to the FILERO database and allows for central storage in the desired location. Files in the database can now be opened directly in the respective application, e.g., an Office program such as Word or Outlook. This makes editing and version control particularly user-friendly and comfortable.

With the new version 10.0, FILERO Client has received several optimizations that will further enhance the speed of operation for companies. Among other things, an "Outlook Contact Bridge" was introduced, with which contacts saved in FILERO can be selected and transferred into MS Outlook. Again, the search plays a major role: If a quick search is saved, it also becomes available in the Outlook Panel when using the new version 10.0. It is also now possible to connect FILERO Client with telephone systems via TAPI integration and, thereby, search for numbers and make calls from within the web application. Also new: A serial letter function, a scan function for direct scanning to FILERO and the ability to assemble headers and footers as well as textboxes in MS Office templates using values from FILERO.

Further information on FILERO 3.0 and FILERO Client 10.0 as well as an overview of all new functions can be found online at Details about LIB-IT DMS GmbH are available at


Software for effective data management is a strength of LIB-IT DMS GmbH. The focus is on globally available, multilingual software for innovative and cost-effective storage and archiving structured and unstructured data.

The central, web-based and integrated Enterprise Information Management System FILERO, which reliably covers all functions related to archiving, records management, DMS, email management, data and knowledge management as well as content integration for companies of every size, has been available since 2003. Simple operation and excellent search features create extremely satisfied users in the blink of an eye.