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Healthcare Industry Leader Adopts Removable 35 Gigabyte REV Disks For Advanced Imaging

Iomega® REV® Technology Gives Boston Scientific iLab™ System Breakthrough Storage Capabilities

(PresseBox) (Petit-Lancy 1, ) Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data storage and protection, today announced that Iomega's award-winning REV® Technology is finding uses in medical imaging that capitalize on its high performance, high capacity, low cost and portability.

Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX), maker of the iLab™ Ultrasound Imaging System, has qualified the Iomega REV Drive and its 35 gigabyte (GB) removable REV disks for storing and managing intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) files. IVUS files are full-motion, 30-frames-per-second images taken by an imaging catheter from inside the blood vessels, helping doctors diagnose and treat coronary artery disease and heart disorders.

A typical IVUS file requires 1 GB of storage, imposing heavy demands on conventional storage devices in terms of manageability and ease of use. Magneto-optical drives and DVD writers were taking 15 to 20 minutes to write each patient's procedure. Iomega's proven REV Backup Drive and removable REV disks do the same job in just two or three minutes, delivering dependable, high-capacity removable storage that is many times faster than optical storage alternatives.

In addition to meeting Boston Scientific's requirements for capturing, storing and archiving critical patient files, the Iomega REV Backup Drive increases storage capacity allowing for more efficient use of the Boston Scientific iLab System. Based on the size of individual patient files, each REV 35 GB disk can hold up to 35 patient records, further simplifying the archival backup process.

"We evaluated a number of removable storage products and selected Iomega's REV Technology," said Chris Japp, General Manager, Imaging Products, Boston Scientific. "Our goal was to give our customers operational flexibility and advanced archiving options to store high-quality ultrasound images that assist with diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Iomega's REV Technology is designed to deliver dependable, high-capacity removable storage that helps our innovative iLab system to capture, store and archive critical patient files."

Tom Kampfer, President and COO, Iomega Corporation, said, "Iomega's removable REV technology is tailor-made for the dependable, removable storage requirements of the medical industry and best-in-class diagnostic imaging equipment like Boston Scientific's iLab System. High performance storage in a rugged design that can deliver the data when it's needed most is what the Iomega REV Backup Drive is all about. We couldn't be happier that Boston Scientific has selected REV Technology."

An estimated 3.7 million people in the United States are affected by coronary and peripheral vascular disease each year. Roughly 1,700 catheterization labs are in operation across the United States to diagnose and treat coronary and peripheral artery disease, with an average of three procedure rooms in each cath lab. By making advanced diagnostic imaging files more convenient and easy to use, the Boston Scientific iLab System with Iomega's REV technology simplifies the imaging archiving process.

Removable REV Technology Costs Less and Works Faster Iomega REV disks, with an estimated archival life of 30 years, are highly portable (0.4 inches x 3.0 inches x 2.8 inches) and combine the speed and reliability of a hard drive with the removability of tape. Reliability, ruggedness, security (with disk password protection), instant access to data, archivability, no maintenance and accompanying software are all advantages of REV products.

The Iomega REV Backup Drive is a proven technology that is becoming the portable storage device of choice in vertical markets, as well as a small business backup and archive storage standard around the world. The first REV product was introduced in April 2004 with the debut of the Iomega REV 35GB Backup Drive and the 35GB REV disk. The second generation REV 70GB Backup Drive and 70GB disk were launched in 2006. To date, Iomega has sold approximately 300,000 REV Drives and more than 1.5 million REV Disks. The REV Drive has also won more than 25 technology awards worldwide.

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