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LEBUS Germany - Cris Seidenather - 50 Years in the Company

50 Years of exception to the rule

(PresseBox) (Finning, ) Workplace golden anniversaries have become rare in our time. Between full-time education and retirement, few people manage to fit in 50 years of working life, let along 50 years with the same company.

However, Cris Seidenather, 71, managing director of Lebus International Engineers GmbH in Finning, is an exception to the rule. He joined the firm as a young mechanical engineer on 1 April 1966, just three years after his father Karl set it up as a subsidiary of the American company, Lebus International Inc. of Longview, Texas.

Lebus is a global leader in the design and production of multi-layer wire-rope spooling systems, thanks to the unique geometry of the original Lebus Groove.
In the mid 1980s, Cris Seidenather took over the management of Lebus in Germany from his father. Under his leadership, the company expanded continuously and opened up new markets, especially in Asia.
As expansion continued, by 2002 the company had outgrown its premises in Gilching near Munich and so relocated to Finning, 30 km to the west across Lake Ammersee, and built new facilities.
The company today also offers consulting services in addition to engineered products for mining, oceanography, onshore and offshore hoisting and lifting.

The Seidenather family succession is secured by the presence of Dipl.-Ing. Tim Seidenather, who himself has already worked for the company for 20 years and is responsible for production and quality control in the management team, together with Dipl.-Wirtschafts-Ing. Matthias Kunkel, responsible for Logistics and Purchasing.

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