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Splicers and Thermal Fiber Strippers for Polyimide Coatings

New Product Lines at LASER COMPONENTS

(PresseBox) (Olching, ) LASER COMPONENTS has introduced new product lines: Tools for processing special optical fibers up to 1.2 mm in diameter. This includes thermal fiber strippers and splicers.

Thermal strippers are used to gently remove polyimide coatings and to prepare the fibers for splicing. Suitable for use in both laboratory and production environment, the automated stripper FPU II features with the Ring of Fire® technology. This process is used to remove polyimide coatings up to 2.5 mm in diameter.

The new partner Furukawa Fitel offers various fusion splicers: Using the S184PM splicer, thick, nonsymmetrical fibers, e.g. octagonal or PM fibers, can also be spliced.

PCF fibers are processed with the S183PM: The challenge to splicing a PCF is keeping the thermal impact along the fiber to an absolute minimum. The advantage of a fusion splicer with electrodes compared to splicers with filaments becomes apparent here. The reproducibility is excellent!

PCF fibers and fibers with different diameters require special splicing programs that are optimized to correspond exactly to the scale, structure, and doping of the fibers to be spliced. Once these parameters have been obtained, the programs function reproducibly.

FITELs splicers have programs for many fiber combinations. They are continually updated to keep up with the rapid developments of new fibers - especially in the field of laser development, new different dopings and structures are engineered.

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