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Focusable Collimators for Coupling Light out of the Fiber

For Easy Laser Beam Guidance

(PresseBox) (Olching, ) The greatest challenge when working with optical fibers is to efficiently couple the light into and out of the fiber; it is absolutely necessary to collimate the laser beam during output coupling. To make this process as simple as possible, LASER COMPONENTS has developed focusable fiber optic collimators, which are manufactured in Germany.

Available in two diameters (11.5 mm and 19 mm), these collimators are suited for the following fibers: step-index fibers with a numerical aperture of NA=0.22, single-mode fibers, CO2 fibers with a core diameter of 750 μm or 1000 μm. These collimators consist of lens systems that are coated for different wavelength ranges. Choose any of the standard wavelengths 350-700 nm, 650-1050 nm, 1050-1060 nm, or 10.6 μm.

Furthermore, the focal length of the system can also be selected. All collimators can be equipped for different connector systems.

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