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The latest addition to the ProMetric I line of imaging colorimeters

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Radiant Zemax, announces the release of the ProMetric I2, the newest member of its ProMetric I family of imaging colorimeters.

Designed to meet the speed and throughput requirements of high-volume production lines, the ProMetric I2 incorporates ProMetric I’s industry-leading technology in a 2MP, 1600 x 1200 pixel model, making it well suited to applications such as color and luminance uniformity testing in flat panel displays (FPDs), light measurement and characterization of LED products, and other test and measurement applications that require speed, flexibility, and seamless operation in production environments.

Radiant Zemax’s imaging colorimeters are specialized CCD-based camera systems that replicate human spatial perception of brightness and color. They combine the benefits of automation – speed, flexibility, and repeatability – with the relevancy and accuracy of human visual perception. ProMetric I allows for significantly more complete test coverage without impacting overall throughput, so users can improve product quality and reduce costs by capturing and quantifying defects before they make it to market in finished products.

With the addition of the I2, three models of ProMetric I imaging colorimeters are now available to accommodate a wide range of application requirements: ProMetric I2, I8, and I16, built around 2MP, 8MP, and 16MP cooled interline CCD sensors, respectively. Each is available with a variety of interchangeable lenses, enabling optimized measurements over a wide range of working distances and viewing angles. ProMetric I supports high-speed USB and Ethernet communications, providing reliable operation over long distances. Smart Technology™ features, including electronic lens control and onboard touchscreen, simplify setup and improve measurement accuracy.

The ProMetric I family can be paired with the Radiant Zemax TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection system to provide a complete, turnkey solution for high-volume manufacturing of FPDs, illuminated keyboards, and lighting products.

Also note that three new software revisions are available for download from Radiant Zemax:
  • ProMetric 10.7
  • NFMS 4.7
  • ProSource 10.1
These revisions all include 32 or 64 bit compatibility and Windows 8 compatibility as well as manu more improvements.

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