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Switching from TiSa pumped OPAs to industrial femtosecond laser pumped OPAs

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The latest development of OPAs allows the use of industrial femtosecond lasers operating at 1.030 nm.

The femtosecond lasers Satsuma are such lasers. They are fiber based using similar technologies established for cw and ns-fiber lasers. This allows compact design, great long term stability and an excellent beam profile. The passive air cooling leads to an easy integration and handling.

The OPA called Mango is available for a standard wavelength range of 650 - 2.600 nm (signal and idler). Using the SHG/FHG extension enables the use of wavelengths down into the UV range with 210 - 650 nm. IR wavelengths beyond 2.600 nm are getting accessible using the DFG extension which allows the use of wavelengths up to 11 µm.

The selection of the wavelength is software controlled with a GUI for customer use.

Already a 5 W, 20 µJ femtosecond laser Satsuma is sufficient as pump source. Higher power versions are available.

To optimize your beam time dramatically (compared to TiSa based systems) the whole system setup is designed for an easy use and handling with fully automated controls.

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