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Spectrum Detector Inc. presents Compact Analog and Digital Electronics Modules for delta Sensors: Power & Energy Measurement with Delta APM/DPM Analog and Digital Power Modules

Our Analog and Digital Modules are the key to the flexible, versatile operation of our new delta Power and Energy Probes.

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Choose the delta-APM Analog Power Module when you want to achieve the ultimate performance of a Radiometric power probe or when you want to reach the highest pulse rep rate possible with one of our Energy probes. Mate the delta-APM to your Lock In Amp or standard Oscilloscope and your ready to measure power or energy.

Your other choice, our delta-DPM Digital USB Powered Module, mates to your basic PC and interacts with our stand alone LabView Applications Software to create a complete measurement instrument - Radiometer or Joulemeter. Our powerful software includes features like strip chart, histogram, data file, wavelength correction, trigger, range set up and even a fast, simulated analog tuning screen (see software sample screens on the back of this sheet). The delta-DPM also includes an analog output, 0 to 2 Volts, that follows the output of the probe and is very handy when doing your optical set-up.

Our delta-APM and delta-DPM modules are compatible with all of our delta probes, power or energy - Pyro, Si, Ge or InGaAs. Try them in you Lab - they’re bound to make a difference.

Versatile – Consider the Possibilities:
• Broadband Pyroelectric Radiometer: 0.2 to 15 µm
• 2 CH Laser Joulemeter/Ratiometer: 0.2 to 15 µm
• Sensitive Digital Silicon Optical Power Meter: pW
• Fast, Analog Joulemeter: 100,000 pps
• 2 CH Optical Fiber Optic Power Meter: 0.8 to 1.6 µm
• Fast InGaAs Joulemeter for 1 to 1.7 µm

• Small, compact, shielded enclosure
• Mates to all delta Radiometer and Energy Sensors
• Mix and match flexibility
• High performance, low cost
• Delta-APM is battery or AC powered
• Delta-DPM is USB powered
• LabView Applications Software and drivers for delta-DPM
• Precise, NIST traceable calibration

Software Features:
• Complete instrument controls: range, trigger, wavelength, etc.
• Live display in J and J/cm2 or W and W/cm2
• Full Statistics: min, max, mean, SD
• Graphic displays: strip chart, histogram, analog tuning
• Data file collection and analysis

About Spectrum Detector:
Spectrum Detector was incorporated in 2006 by founder and retired CEO of Molectron Detector, Inc., Don Dooley. Spectrum Detector's focus is toward engineering creative detector solutions for optical testing, measurement and calibration problems across the spectrum - from DUV to Extreme Infrared and THz.
We have assembled a talented staff with more than 60 years combined experience in Pyroelectric detectors, Optical Instrumentation, Laser power and energy measurement and NIST traceable Optical Calibration.
Our products address unique measurement needs that require novel, versatile detector solutions. We have partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado to bring some exciting new Optical Standards technology out of the Lab and into industry. Spectrum has introduced the first family of Silicon and Pyroelectric TRAP Detector Calibration transfer standards for the Photonics World.
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Laser 2000 GmbH

Since 25 years Laser 2000 is concentrating on the core product areas of Photonics market. Our experts and experienced account managers ensure the best possible attention to your requirements today for the solutions of tomorrow.

Laser 2000 is headquartered in Munich, Germany and operates local offices in all major business areas of the European market. In order to support your application we deliver top-level service and products and meet the highest standard of quality. With an installed base of thousands of applications around the world, Laser 2000 has shown the ability to provide onsite-support in time.

Please visit us at the following trade shows:
DPG Tagung, Stuttgart, 29. - 3. März 2012
ANALYTICA München, 17. - 20. April 2012
AKL Aachen, 9. - 11. Mai 2012
OPTATEC Frankfurt, 22. - 25. Mai 2012
ACHEMA Frankfurt, 18. - 22. Juni 2012
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