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Laser 2000 presents MC-Jet V3.0 : Fully automated modular Ident-Control and Digital Printing System

MC-Jet V3.0 is an open system and designed to combine other modules like e.g. lens inspection or different kinds of laser engraving.

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The productivity of the basic version is for about 200 lenses per hour while the optional second printer head achieves up to > 400 lenses per hour.
MC-Jet systems digital lens printing systems are determinated for the ‘Optician-Stamp’ and flexible and individual prints on the lenses. It sticks on all surfaces and coatings, even on super hydrophobic surfaces.
The user has unlimited resources for the printing content in form of alphanumeric signs, graphical elements or individual logos.
The ink itself base on alcoholic solvent and dry within less than 5 sec. It is easily removable by a solvent tinctured towel.

The main MC-Jet-3.0 features are:

• full automatic operation for RX- and mass production
• unlimited number of printing contents
• best Ink-Jet quality on regular as well as super hydrophobic coatings
• short term air drying ink
• high resolution print quality (vector printing)
• camera equipped for SF & progressive lens recognition
• no UV radiation stress for lenses (!)
• much less ghost images risk compared to other ink technologies
• OMA / VCA compatible

• cost effective system, very low cost of operation
• no clichés required
• minimal maintenance required
• environment protecting by minimum solvent consumption

• conveying system, h= 1000 +/- 70 mm, width 180 … 300 mm
• job trays LOH or similar
• job reading by barcode or RFID

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Visit us at MIDO Milan from 4 to 6 March, 2011 at booth Pav.9 Booth C21