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Control Made Simple: A Spectrally Programmable Light Engine

If you could instantly control the spectrum, intensity and timing of your light source, what could you achieve?

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Replacing light created by a frustrating assemblage of mechanical devices, OneLight Spectra improves illumination systems using a patented software-driven light engine – or Digital Light Source – to achieve an entirely new category of illumination. Employing simple-yet-powerful software, precise spectral profiles are created. Illumination, intensity and exposure duration are under your complete control. And the result is nothing short of evolutionary.

• Instantaneous dynamic control over color, exposure and intensity
• Increased dynamic range of measurement
• Increased measurement sensitivity
• Sequential loading of multiple spectra
• Elimination of filters and shutters
• Elimination of repeated calibrations
• Expedited time to market for new tests and instruments
• Optimized imaging systems with reduced cost of components

SPLE technology marks a major departure from conventional light solutions. It allows for any desired mix of wavelengths (color) and intensity of illumination to be dynamically configured and instantly selected under software control to produce currently unattainable contrast, intensity, purity and range of color.

Able to respond faster than most cameras capture images, OneLight Spectra can improve the performance of most microscopy or spectroscopy imaging systems. Fully programmable, the range of wavelengths you can use is no longer defined by how many band-pass or neutral density filters your filter wheel can accommodate, or how fast you can change them. Wavelength requirements are defined using an intuitive software application, instead of the coating laboratory. In this sense, OneLight Spectra is like having a filter factory right at your fingertips, with none of the limitations.

About OneLight Corp.
OneLight™ is committed to the development of breakthrough digital imaging technologies for life science and clinical applications. OneLight has developed a color-programmable light engine that instantly provides any desired mix of wavelength (color) and intensity of illumination. OneLight's revolutionary technology platform will dramatically improve diagnostic capabilities in medicine.

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