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Adaptive Polymer Lens - Fiber Laser Engine - Fabry-Perot MEMS Sensor system

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Laser 2000 is happy to introduce some new additions to their already extensive portfolio.

Manually actuated Adaptive Polymer Lens with variable focal length
Holochip’s APL-1050 is a high-quality, high-precision, manually actuated variable-focal-length singlet fluidic lens. It reduces cost, size, weight and complexity of optical systems, and enables new optical designs and products. It increases efficiency and productivity by eliminating the process of exchanging lenses in a set-up and relocating translating stages and mounting hardware.

Fiber Laser Engine for material processing applications

The CORELIGHTTM series from JDSU are fiber laser engines based on highly advanced and compact 2.1 kW Ytterbium fiber laser modules. The compact and powerful design with industry-leading electrical-to-optical efficiency offers straightforward integration into new and existing manufacturing tools. The CORELIGHTTM series enable exceptionally high-speed cutting, welding, material deposition and many other OEM macro-material processing applications. It is ideal for processing steel, aluminum, copper, brass and many other metals.

Fabry-Perot MEMS Sensor system - Spectral Engines revolutionizes industrial sensing
Spectral Engines provides unique miniaturized spectral sensors for detection and analysis of gases, solids and liquids to improve the quality and energy efficiency in manufacturing. The devices are for example used for measuring moisture in process industry, food content (protein, fat, sugars), as well as gas detection and analysis. The unique scalable technology enables size and cost reduction in the next generation of spectral measurement.

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