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Lantech - use of PoE driven devices in the industry

(PresseBox) (Klingenberg, ) 24 Volt switching units are primarily used within standardized automation, robotic and transportation processes. Throughout these sectors, the usage of 24V switches is spreading at an ever increasing rate. The added functionality provided by PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows modern applications to overcome limitations of the past. Monitoring systems within public transportation systems, control of public access points and operational supervision of production lines are just some of the many examples that profit through the use of PoE technology.

This calls for a robust unit that is powered with 24V-48V input voltages, but can also power PoE appliances using 48V output. The Lantech IPES-0008-4 is one such unit. The device is equipped with 8xRJ45 Jacks, of which 4 are PoE compatible. 48 volt current is converted internally using an integrated DC to DC transformer. Metal housing and redundant power supply are standard options. Voltage drop can even be signalized through a relay.

Through the use of high quality components, the Lantech IPES-0008-4 operates reliably within a temperature span of -40°C to 75°C without breaking your budget. The product is supported by a 5 year guarantee that accredits its high quality and long life conception, thereby making its use within industrial processes utmost meaningful and sensible. The fanless metal housing provides extensive protection against electromagnetic induction and discharge. Reliability and stability are one of its primary attributes.

PoE in both versions 802.3af and 802.3at are established in many PoE powered devices (P.D.). Also in the industrial environment companies begin to develop more and more PoE compatible devices. They will include cameras, sensors and actors, phones, access points and also other things like LED lights and shavers. The advantages of PoE are:
- Central backup solution
- Power control
- Reduction of installation costs
- Easy to implement and deploy
- Safe voltage
- Automatic determination