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Lantech IPGS-5424

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- 24 x 10/100/1000T PoE + 4 DualSpeed SFP Industrial L2+ Switch w/ITU G.8032 ring & PTP
- High-density Gigabit L2+ managed PoE AT/AF switch with PTPv2 (under 1μs)
- Supports ITU G.8032 < 50ms; MSTP
- Supports PoE management, ACL, IGMPv3, QinQ, SSH/SSL,TACAS+,IPv6
- Environmental Monitoring for real time voltage, current and case ambient temperature
- Miss-wiring avoidance & Repowered auto ring restore
- User friendly UI, including auto topology drawing and DDM threshold monitoring with dB value
- Support USB dongle for automatic backup configuration
- Auto topology drawing, auto configurator for ITU ring

Lantech IPGS-5424 is a high performance L2 + managed industrial switch which provides L2 wire speed and advanced security function for network aggregation and backbone deployment. It delivers ITU G.8032 ring recovery less than 50ms, comprehensive QoS, advanced security, LLDP/Cisco Discovery Protocal, PTP v2 IEEE1588 precision time protocol for the scalability and resiliency. IPGS-5424 can recognize the diagnostic SFP and display SFP parameters on WebUI.

Compliant with IEEE802.3AT/AF standard, the Lantech IPGS-5424 is able to feed each PoE port up to 30 Watts@52VDC providing the connected PD devices at Gigabit speed. It also supports advanced PoE management including PoE detection and scheduling. PoE detection can detect if the connected PD is still alive then sending power; PoE scheduling is to allow pre-set power feeding schedule upon routine time table.

The standardized ITU G.8032 ring protection can work with other metro switches for ring protection in less than 50ms that is faster than other market products, plus it covers the data & multicast packets protection in versatile topologies. It also supports Pro-Ring 2se as client for inter-operating with Lantech 2000 series switches. It supports MSTP that allows RSTP over Vlan for redundant VLAN links. The embedded WEB UI supports auto topology drawing when the switches are connected in a ring in which each node's detail can be shown in the drawing. Auto configurator for ITU ring is to calculate owner, neighbor and others automatically without manual setting to avoid loop.

Lantech IPGS-5424 model features hardware-based PTP IEEE1588 v2 function which can allow each modules Gigabit or 100FX to synchronize the network with precise accuracy (under 1μs). The built-in RTC(realtime clock) can keep track of time.

Lantech IPGS-5424 builds all the important management features required in large network like DHCP Option 82 (Relay agent), ACL, TACAS+ for security, SSH/SSL, IGMP Routing, Query / Snooping, advanced QoS with 8 queues and QinQ. It also can export the configuration in editable configuration file making the mass deployment easier.

The optional environmental monitoring can detect switch overall temperature, voltage and current where can send the SNMP traps, email and SMS alert when abnormal.

Lantech IPGS-5424 designs with redundant firmware where can survive if the primary firmware is crashed due to improper upgrading. Also, it designs with a factory reset button where user can reset all settings to factory default. The built-in watch dog design can reboot switch automatically when CPU is found dead. IPGS-5424 supports USB key where can automatically back up the configuration or restore without any notebook setup.

The IPGS-5424 DIDO function can support additional open/close physical contact for designate applications besides Port / Power events, for example, DIDO function can trigger alarm if the switch was moved or stolen. In case of events, the IPGS-5424 will immediately send an email, SMS text to pre-defined addresses as well as SNMP Traps out. It provides 2DI and 2DO while disconnection of the specific port was detected; DO will activate the signal LED to alarm. DI can integrate the sensors into the auto alarm system and transfer the alarm information to IP network with email, text and SNMP.

Lantech IPGS-5424 supports redundant power input from DC45~56V while -48VDC is allowed for single input. It features high reliability and robustness withstanding extensive EMI/RFI phenomenon, lighting surge, inductive load switching, high ESD, high fault current environment usually found in Substation, Steel automation, Mining and Process control etc. Supporting the latest EEE (Efficient Energy Ethernet) standard, IPGS-5424 can run under widely operational temperature (-40°C~60°C) in the harsh environment.

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