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More convenience from radio networking

Bluetooth technology in the precision drilling system

(PresseBox) (Besigheim, ) Bluetooth® is an industrial standard for data transmission between devices using radio technology that has been developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Implemented in mechatronic tool systems, Bluetooth makes it possible to have a display that is separate from the actual tool itself. The KOMET GROUP has integrated this innovative technology in a tool system for the first time in the KOMET® MicroKom® BluFlex(TM) .

This Bluetooth technology, which was developed for wireless networking of devices over short distances, has now become standard for small mobile devices such as mobile phones or PDAs. The most common application areas today include connecting computers with their peripherals.

However, the use thereof in tool systems for machining is comparatively new. In KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex(TM) precision adjusting heads, Bluetooth makes adjustment significantly easier. The wireless networking of the adjustment key and the display makes it possible to have the display outside the work room, in a position that is clearly visible in accordance with the local situation. Being uncoupled in this way means that the display can also be bigger than it would be if it was positioned right next to the tool. In conjunction with additional lighting, this makes it considerably easier to read off the display and provides additional versatility when the precision adjusting head is being adjusted. This also helps to avoid mistakes. The uncoupling also makes the tool itself lighter. This and the integrated imbalance compensation make it possible to operate at faster speeds. The Bluetooth interface has been integrated in a specially designed adjustment key by the KOMET GROUP. This technology therefore produces another ratio effect: As soon as a user is using several of these systems, he can operate them using just one adjustment key and one display.

The KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex(TM) precision adjustment system is available from the KOMET GROUP in a basic package consisting of one precision adjustment head, one adjustment key and one external display unit. With snap-on tools in extended packages, we have every diameter range that may be required for the application covered. The components of the KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex(TM) precision adjustment system can be viewed in a video at


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