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Help us make Kolab Now Beta

Very soon we'll be rolling out our new Kolab Now Beta service, an optional testing ground for new features that we will gradually roll into Kolab Now

(PresseBox) (Zürich, ) As a Kolab Now Beta user, you can preview and try out these features, and even work them into your everyday workflow.

Start using Kolab Now Beta and you get to play with new features that will make your work with Kolab Now more efficient, interesting and fun. Is it more speed and better performance you crave? Give our refurbished database framework a spin. Are you using an application that does not support the special folders in IMAP? Go ahead and try the new Guam IMAP filter.

As a Kolab Now Beta user you'll also have early access to a whole range of functionalities as they get developed.

What' s in it for Kolab?

With Kolab Now Beta we get to know what you like, the features you most use, and the ones you miss. We can float new ideas and get your feedback* on them. We can turn your own suggestions into real features, ramp up the development of what you find useful, and ditch what you consider a dead end. Kolab Now Beta, combined with your input, helps us make Kolab Now better.
But there's a catch...

Well, not exactly a catch per se, but, be warned: when we say something is in Beta, translated from programmer-speak it means that it is still being tested. We have a graded the new features in Kolab Now Beta using a traffic light-like colour code so you are aware of what you are getting into:

* If a feature is green, it means it is all but finished and you can trust it to work most, if not all of the time.
* If a feature is orange, it means it needs some more testing -- it will still work more times than not, but we may still need to iron some bugs out.
* If a feature is red, use it at your own risk! A red feature is still largely untested. It won't delete your hard drive, wipe all your emails, or try to kill your cat, but it will probably fail sooner or later, or not do things it is intended to do. So tread carefully.

What's in it for all of us?

But that's the whole point: by trying out new, and unstable features, and telling us* when and how they fail is great for everybody! We can locate bugs earlier, improve code faster and get the things you want up and running sooner. By using Kolab Now Beta, you actively contribute to making Kolab Now better for everyone.

So head over to and start kicking the wheels of Kolab Now's cutting-edge future.
* We have set up a special thread on our Kolab Community Hub so you can send us all your feedback and talk directly to the people building Kolab Now Beta.

Log in at and start telling us what you think.

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