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Security comes first

(PresseBox) (Alheim, ) Together with some partners, sonnen_systeme Projekt GmbH developed a new concept for tracking systems.

After a long period of development and some prototypes the production of the first sonnen_systems has started in April.

The most well known partner of sonnen_systeme is the Technology AG SMA.

SMA created the tracking unit SOLTRK which is component part of the sonnen_system.

The control unit is connected with the SMA inverter communication. This gives the possibility to communicate with the tracking control unit via the established SMA WebBox.

The main topic of the sonnen_system’s development was to stand storms and thunderbolts without any damages.

Lars Kirchner, chief inventor and managing director of the company, has got long-time experience in building up tracking systems from different manufacturers.

Last year he could not tolerate any longer all the trouble he had with tracking systems and though decided to develop an own one which is better than all the others.

Karsten Dippel, partner of Mr Kirchner, expects a high demand for their tracking systems from Southern Europe.

Not only the higher energy yield but also the easy way of assembling the sonnen_system in rough areas is a good reason for buying it.

With a maximum surface of 60 m² the sonnen_system can change (areas from) difficult grounds into good working solar plants.

The more direct sunlight on a PV system, the higher the energy yielded. In especially sunny regions a higher energy yield of 45 % can be achieved. One can generally assume that the sonnen_system can be used effectively between 55 ° (Copenhagen) and 23 ° (Canary Isles) latitude.

At the Intersolar, sonnen_systeme has a stand (F71) at the outdoor area where a full working sonnen_system_3_40 will be exhibited.