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Pick-by-Light: new efficiency-enhancing options

The pick-by-light solution specialist KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH has accelerated the pace of its innovation through an enlarged development team / The company now presents a series of new products for pick-by-light processes

(PresseBox) (Freiburg, ) The tried-and-tested modules of the “PickTerm-Flexible” family are now equipped with an oval eye-catching lamp divided down the middle which replaces the round version with up/down directional arrows. In addition, new wear-free OK functions are available in the form of the “LTouch” and the Quick Reply Sensor, or QRS for short. With LTouch, picks are confirmed by lightly touching the lamp instead of pressing a button. QRS enables processes to be confirmed without contact of any kind. These features enhance efficiency and ensure even greater reliability.

The new oval lamp which goes by the name of “Dual LED” is much larger than its round predecessor. It is divided down the middle and can therefore light up in one of the seven available colours or in two different colours at the same time. The new lamps will gradually replace the former round version with up/down directional arrows. “Above all, the new solution will display the allocation of the goods to be deposited even more clearly”, explains Michael Weiser, head of KBS sales. This new lamp facilitates picking by two operators in the same zone. In addition, special functions can be displayed even more visibly.

As from now, all modules can be equipped with Dual LED and also optionally with the LTouch feature. With LTouch, the pick-by-light experts have integrated the confirmation function into the lamp in the form of a contact-free sensor, which dispenses with the mechanical OK button which the operator presses on the shelf space at the end of a pick or sorting process. Instead of pressing the button, lightly touching the lamp now suffices. "With LTouch we have now replaced the most used movable part of our picking module by a sensor, which makes KBS solutions even more robust”, says Weiser.

The significantly larger KBS development team has come up trumps with another innovation: the Quick Reply Sensor (QRS). QRS, with its contact-free confirmation, takes the pace of picking to an even higher level. This solution incorporates a sensor installed above or below that can recognise any movement within a radius of up to 20 cm. Each retrieval is immediately recognised and confirmed at the same time: Manually operating the OK button is now no longer necessary, and the order picker can concentrate on the next pick. "Our customers want more efficiency, which we can give them through innovative solutions”, emphasised Weiser.

Today KBS displays offer up to five options in more than a dozen models to take account of the wide variations in pick-by-light picking processes. Other new modules with graphic displays – even with Epaper technology – or with an external port allowing switches and light barriers to be connected, as well as a new 12-digit display with the DOT matrix, are now ready to be launched on the market.

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Originally founded in 1981 as an engineering firm for industrial automation and electronic development, today KBS is a specialist in the development, production and installation of custom systems for voucherless picking. The Freiburg-based company develops practice-oriented solutions in close cooperation with its clients to decidedly strengthen their competitive position.

KBS offers complete software solutions (material flow calculators, SAP connections, etc.) in addition to hardware (warehouse shelf displays, control computers, PickCarts and pick by voice). In addition to the standard components, client-specific versions can also be developed, even for low volume orders. KBS realises small scale systems with a low number of shelf displays as well as larger projects with tens of thousands of shelf displays all over the world.

The reference list of KBS clients includes renowned companies from all industries and companies of all sizes. KBS has realised projects for clients including BMW, Daimler, DHL, dm Drogeriemarkt, Fielmann, Kärcher, Mexx, Pelikan, Pfizer, Roche, Swarovski, Tesa, Tesco, Verlagsgruppe Weltbild, Volkswagen and Woolworth.