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Inspiration and knowhow with Genius 52UV

Special print service at Thieme printers

(PresseBox) (Veitshöchheim, ) Thieme printers in Meissen, Germany, have recently upgraded to a Genius 52UV with coating unit for their various premium quality commercial prints. The implementation of the new Genius 52UV by KBA-MePrint has resulted in significantly increased productivity for this specialist for unusual print products

Thieme printers can look back on many years of experience with non-absorbent plastic and paper print products. The new machine with coating unit sustainably complements their portfolio, and contributes to the high profile of the company in a much fought-over finishing market as well as its continued advancement and specialisation in the segment. Operations Manager Ulrich Thieme stresses the fact that it is "the ideal printing machine" for his requirements.

Thieme printers - Specialists for the extraordinary

The printing specialists at Thieme develop sophisticated and highly customised products in paper and plastic. Their primary focus is on quality and reliability at all times. Their production facility is equipped with next-generation, highly versatile technology, spanning all processes including machinery for further processing. In addition to a multitude of plastic products, the company produces creative catalogues and brochures for the State Porcelain Manufacture in Meissen, and for the internationally acclaimed opera house Semperoper in Dresden. Thieme has been able to etch out a huge competitive advantage with their commercial print products featuring matt, glossy or gold finish, and their special finish packaging. Operations Manager Ulrich Thieme about his current print products: "This machine is simply made for low-cost production. With it, we have been able to offer many products far below competitor prices, and that without any compromises in terms of quality or flexibility.

Coating unit highlights advantages

In future, the coating unit will play an important role in adding a one-step finish to the premium quality print products at Thieme, thus creating added value for their customers. Among the different varnishes, the UV-varnish usually achieves the most highlights. Since a varnishing unit can process higher coat thicknesses than an inking unit, it is particularly well suited for printing a rich white reverse coating on transparent foil. Operations Manager Ulrich Thieme is excited about recent achievements: "We have now important new options at our disposal, with which we will be able to increase production as well as quality in our UV offset printing processes. We will be able to complete our print jobs more efficiently, and can achieve visible quality improvements for our discerning clientele."

Proven waterless KBA-MePrint anilox short inking unit

Genius 52UV reaches its full economic potential in small and medium-size print runs. A distinct advantage is the little setup time required until the first "good sheet". It is "inked up" much faster than other machines of this format class - a fact that is particularly advantageous for frequent job changes. A key characteristic of GENIUS 52UV is the compact, V-shaped arrangement of its five anilox short inking units around a central counter-pressure cylinder of fourfold size. Each sheet is printed true to register without gripper transfers. Register differences are therefore completely eliminated. Anilox inking roller, plate inker, plate cylinder and blanket cylinder all have identical diameters to ensure ghosting-free prints. Ink control with the anilox roller and collecting blade quickly enables optimised inking for problematic shapes. A thin coat of ink is transferred to the inking roller with each rotation of the ceramic-coated anilox roller. A doctor blade removes surplus ink for consistent print results. The plate cylinder and anilox roller are temperature-controlled for a stable printing process. Genius 52UV prints exclusively with UV colours that are UV-cured before reaching the coating unit. Any subsequent coating is therefore applied to fully cured inks. A final drying and hardening process follows after coating. The sheets are dry immediately, and can be passed to the next processing step right away. Conventional offset printing risks, e.g. depositing and batch blocking are eliminated.

Last but by no means least, the environment is not forgotten about either, as Genius 52UV requires no powder spraying, water or alcohol.