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Are cameras able to lie?

(PresseBox) (Gleichen, ) For the benefit of the customer, Kappa formats superior signal processing technology to cost effective standard cameras. The latest Kappa camera program provides superior technical standards in a variety of more than 170 models and combines them with a unique Kappa specialty: The camera internal signature! Any kind of image manipulation either image optimization or image forgery is reproducible and verifiable.

The “Signature Cameras” can be operated at megapixel resolution with real time signal processing, 12 to 30 fps (full image), binning, partial scan, GigE- or CameraLink interface as a standard industrial camera. Additionally, the signature function provides forgery-proof image data. The signature is created inside the camera according to the 1024 bit RSA signature procedure and according to the 512 bit SHA hash function. Thus, the signature complies with all technical legal requirements for “advanced- and qualified electronic signatures”.

Kappa optronics GmbH

Kappa opto-electronics GmbH Kappa opto-electronics, a medium-sized owner-managed company, provides high quality cameras and image processing solutions for a wide range of applications with demanding requirements. Kappa is one of the few camera manufacturers with longtime experience in the development and manufacturing of extremely rugged cameras with above average signal quality. Today the organically grown company employs 90 people. Highly trained graduate engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and biologists provide a broad spectrum of expertise for future-oriented technologies.