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Solve with z/Linux the challenges of digitization

z/Linux decreases IMS and CICS workload

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) In many companies the digital transformation of business processes towards customers, has very concrete impact on the mainframe workload. If customers of banks and insurance companies use mobile apps to gather information or to apply for insurances, there are still “traditional” IMS or CICS transactions working in the background. And the number of executed transactions is not only increasing by the digitization of business processes, more and more there is a demand on 24/7 availability by this new target group.

A major challenge is to limit the associated load and increase in costs. One option that is considered increasingly, is the shift of operations to z/Linux, because the z/Linux workload (on the IFL processors) causes no increase in Monthly License Charge (MLC). The performance of database accesses, often a critical factor in migration projects remains stable through the connection of the z/Linux LPAR via HiperSockets. z/Linux projects can be introduced quickly and are with little risk, since the existing infrastructure will be used.

With the experience of many successful migration projects ITGAIN performs studies and projects in the z/Linux environment with the focus on analyzing the requirements, selection of appropriate transactions and drafting the target architecture as well as supporting the “hands-on” migration activities.

Within its project work ITGAIN also build products and tools for migration activities, e.g. J2U, a batch runtime environment and TRX, a transaction monitor, both for Linux, z/Linux and AIX systems. For more information see ITGAIN Integration Solution.

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ITGAIN Consulting Gesellschaft für IT-Beratung mbH

ITGAIN is a consulting company with a strong professional and technical competence. Therefore, we understand the business requirements and how they should be implemented.

Our industry focus is on IT issues for insurance and finance. The theme-specific activities, we failed in transversal skills in project and quality management. The ITGAIN Consulting occupied two main topics:

Application Modernization and software engineering, as well as the data, and information management.

The third focus is the ITGAIN Academy - secure knowledge, sharing experience.

15 years ITGAIN.