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Komatsu France automates invoice processing with I.R.I.S. and Therefore

(PresseBox) (Louvain la Neuve, ) The stock exchange listed company I.R.I.S., (EURONEXT Brussels: IRI), specialized in Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) , Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and complex infrastructure for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) , and Therefore, an Austrian company, specialized in document management solutions, jointly announce the successful implementation and use of an invoice processing solution at Komatsu France including scanning, automatic data extraction, workflow and archiving capabilities.

Approving an incoming invoice before payment is a standard process in small and large companies. Usually, invoices are received either by mail (on a paper sheet) or by email (in PDF format). In most cases, accounting departments encode the invoices into their accounting solution, print them or make a copy, and make circulate them in the company for approval by the person/department who ordered the product or service. It's a long, time-consuming process, apt to errors.

For those reasons, Komatsu France decided to invest in an approval workflow system to automatically process their incoming invoices with the following installation:

- CAPTURE: A Canon ScanFront scanner to scan the invoices
- READING & DATA EXTRACTION: IRISCapture(TM) Invoices from I.R.I.S.
- Automatic recognition of the main data
- Automatic data extraction (supplier, date, total amount, VAT, etc)
- Validation by an operator
- PDF generation
- Automatic sending of main data and PDF into Therefore solution.
- Archiving of the PDF file into Therefore solution
- Approval workflow: each buyer does validate his/her invoice in a few clicks.
- Once validated, the invoice and associated data are sent to the Komatsu accounting system for payment

The architecture for the Komatsu invoice processing system was easy to set-up and designed to provide a fast return on investment: approval process times are now drastically reduced, encoding errors disappear and users' satisfaction is high, thanks to a very user-friendly system.

Michael Lebeda, CEO of Therefore comments: "Komatsu is a good example of our joint activity with I.R.I.S. in 2010. We have installed a good number of these invoice processing solutions, integrating Therefore and the I.R.I.S. Invoice recognition solutions. We have experienced the customer needs for both small systems as well as advanced solutions with quick Return on Investment"

Dr. Pierre De Muelenaere, President & CEO of I.R.I.S. concludes: "The integration between the Therefore and I.R.I.S. solutions have created some new opportunities in different fields of applications such as invoices processing, forms processing, document classification, advanced indexing, and document compression. Our future cooperation will continue to be focused on creating new customer's benefits and increased value"

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