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Will the gasoline engine completely replace diesel?

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) IQPC spoke to James Turner, Chief Engineer at Lotus Engineering, in a podcast interview recently about the future of engine efficiency, and the challenges in finding the right technologies for highly downsized gasoline engines.

Most engines in the world operate on gasoline or diesel. With the sort of technologies we’re developing at the moment the peak efficiency that we should be able to hit with gasoline engines is at least 40%.

According to James, “…if we switch to alcohol blends, blended with gasoline in high concentration, it is reasonable to target 45% efficiency in a truly optimised alcohol burning engines.”

In terms of challenges the automotive industry is faced with in finding the right technology for highly downsized gasoline engines, he cited cost and complexity trade-off.

James Turner, who is a specialist in combustion and pressure charging, will be amongst the delegation of speakers at the Advanced Downsizing & Turbocharging Concepts event in Wiesbaden, Germany on March, 9th 2011. They will be looking to address a variety of issues at the heart of latest developments in the field of turbo charging, turbocharger and downsizing.

James' presentation will cover investigation of different charging systems solutions, modelling to avoid abnormal combustion and new detail solutions for fuel delivery and gas exchange. All speeches and case studies will be centre around practical solutions to the core problems of engine efficiency.

Over 14 leading international companies in the automotive sector including; Ford Motor Company Limited, BMW AG, Volvo Car Corporation, Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems, Motorentechnik GmbH, Continental AG, Voith Turbo Aufladesysteme and IAV GmbH / Honeywell Turbo Technologies will participate at the event.