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Innovative Aircraft Seating 2013

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) How can the weight of aircraft seats be further reduced and the interior design of aircrafts at the same time optimized? Discuss with major industry players at the 4th International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating 2013 from 22 - 24 October, 2013 in Hamburg, how seat weight can be minimized yet still meet legal restrictions.

Fuel prizes will continue to rise – airlines face the ongoing challenge of reducing costs by minimizing seat weight. At the same time, up-to-date In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) solutions are expected by customers, which nonetheless must comply with the newly released FAA Advisory.

Meet companies like Airbus, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, TNO and many more at the conference to discuss the most recent challenges for aircraft seating and cabin design, such as

• New Materials and Technologies: Lightweight vs. cost? Lightweight construction (Composites); Materials and designs to reduce seat weight and space to save costs and improve aircraft´s efficiency

• IFE integration solutions: Contactless seat power, new lightweight IFE solutions, wireless IFE

• Maximize passenger comfort in minimal space: Research of ergonomic/human factors; translation into seat design & intelligent designs for optimal usage of cabin space

• Certification processes, international safety regulations and certification barriers: What´s next and what can be done – potentials and threats of new materials (composites); Impact of regulations on closer integration between seat and IFEC - FAA Advisory Circular AC-21-49

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