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iPharro and ZDF Cooperate on Content Analysis

Video “Fingerprints” Help Evaluate Media Value Chains

(PresseBox) (Darmstadt, Germany, ) iPharro Media GmbH, the German specialist for video content analysis and spin-off of Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, will work with ZDF, one of Europe’s biggest television broadcasting companies, to analyze content of major newscasts. This collaboration will enable ZDF to determine how its broadcast formats compare with those of competing network stations.

Deploying iPharro video analysis technology, ZDF will be conducting a media re-search project to determine how their newscast content compares with that of com-peting networks. ZDF will make use of iPharro MediaSeeker – an iPharro proprietary technology – to analyze newscasts of other major German TV networks and to evaluate when similar content is played on other networks. iPharro MediaSeeker core video fingerprinting technology allows for content detection across multiple broadcast television channels allowing media professionals to pinpoint the exact time, channel and version of content that airs on television.

Every video stream has its own “fingerprint”, that is, a set of unique, readily identifi-able characteristics. Billions of these fingerprints can be efficiently stored in a data-base for quick comparison on demand. By comparing different fingerprints, iPharro software in essence compares videos, thereby quickly and accurately highlighting the level of similarity between different pieces of video content. The robust and scalable system is capable of recognizing video content significantly faster than real time. iPharro’s content analysis does not require audio, and can identify images even when they have been modified – e.g. by including additions of text overlays, graphic overlays, image changes, scene deletions or insertions.

“In our project, we looked at video sequences from newscasts in ordert to find out to what extent competing TV broadcasters use identical or different footage. We are seeking both a qualitative and quantitative answer to this issue,” said Dr. Bernhard Engel, of media research at ZDF.

Since 2007, iPharro media’s video fingerprinting technology has been deployed by The Nielsen Company to monitor commercial advertisements on broadcast televi-sion.

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