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INTERSCHALT teams up with new VSAT partner MTN Communications

Global communications and real-time monitoring

(PresseBox) (Schenefeld, ) The shipping software and service provider INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG has chosen MTN Communications (MTN) to deliver VSAT communications services enabling special software solutions and services to its customers. MTN will provide the global satellite and network infrastructure through which INTERSCHALT will provide customer-specific solutions focusing on efficiency and safety in fleet management and vessel monitoring. "By combining MTN's redundant and globally accessible network of C and Ku band excellent support available 24/7 on both sides and our bespoke solutions, we will be able to offer our customers a unique service", says INTERSCHALT CEO Robert Gärtner.

Global communications delivered to vessels located around the world will be made possible through MTN's global C- and Ku-band network - providing seamless coverage. With MTN service INTERSCHALT's fleet solution will deliver access to the Internet for ships, the transmission of telephone calls, TV and (Internet) radio programs, e-mail traffic and the transmission of data information from Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) as well as INTERSCHALT's modular solutions for fleet management or vessel monitoring - from the MACS3 loading computer with Trim module, through software solutions Bluefleet and Bluetracker to a complete Fleet Operation Center. As such, INTERSCHALT provides shipowners with a service for monitoring their complete fleet, i.e. not just being able to see cargo statuses and fuel consumption data at a glance, but also being able to detect hazardous situations early on.

Detecting hazards and acting quickly to prevent them

The Fleet Operation Center is a centralized onshore control station, which captures the real-time status of each and every ship in the fleet, including the actual traffic situation. Using this information, the control center can react to safety-related situations and take the necessary measures. Risks are identified early on and hazards are avoided before any accidents can occur.

Monitoring to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Furthermore, the MTN service enables electronic sea charts to be transmitted as a matter of priority and with assured quality, and Bluefleet and Bluetracker mean that the performance of every ship can be monitored and logged from onshore. The data gathered enables shipowners to draw up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and fleet benchmarks. In addition, data from the loading computer and INTERSCHALT's trim optimization module (TROP) can be transmitted. "Shipowners have full control at all times. They can optimize their fleet's efficiency and hence reduce costs due to the availability of performance information in real time", says Robert Gärtner in relation to this additional benefit.

Crew welfare

Crew welfare, i.e. the ability of crew members to connect with their family and friends over the Internet and the opportunity to provide electronic communication and entertainment programs on board, is becoming increasingly important for shipping companies. Not least, since the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) 2006 came into force. Whether this means having an Internet café on board or TV and (Internet) radio reception, new dimensions to crew welfare are being discovered through VSAT services in conjunction with MTN Internet Café and WLAN on board - home may be a long way away but thanks to INTERSCHALT it doesn't feel that way.

MTN communications

MTN is the leading global provider of maritime communications and content services. Since launching the first stabilized satellite antenna for ships at sea in the early 1980s, MTN has been pioneering remote-connectivity technologies that become longstanding solutions. Today, the company serves most of the world's cruise lines, as well as hundreds of yachts, cargo ships, oil and gas vessels, and military aircraft, ships, vehicles and facilities. MTN Nexus(tm), the company's next-generation communications program, is the first hybrid C-/Ku-band and broadband wireless network that is delivering content with land-like speeds to vessels at sea.

Image1: Ku-band on board
Caption: INTERSCHALT and MTN's solutions comprise antennae of between 0.80m and 2.40m and are the optimum, powerful and cost-effective solution for every ship. For extremely high availability and top performance, INTERSCHALT and MTN offer dual systems. Data from the fleet management software Bluefleet as well as the vessel monitoring solution Bluetracker is also made available to shipping companies on shore in real-time via the Ku-band and C-band.

Image2: INTERSCHALT C-Band-Radom

INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG - the premium partner for the shipping industry

INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG's products and services span the entire life cycle of a ship and its value chain. The value chain includes highly efficient software and satellite communications solutions, automation systems, electrical equipment and service, support, education and training, making INTERSCHALT an all-round product and service provider for the entire shipping industry. The company's product portfolio aims to make ship operations safer, and work on board - as well as on land - easier and more efficient.

In addition to the headquarters in Schenefeld near Hamburg, eleven centers in Europe, North America and Asia provide a global and efficient service network, supported by partner expertise directly on site. More than 300 employees at INTERSCHALT generate approx. 60 million euros' worth of business per annum.

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