Interactive Scape revolutionises digital object recognition

Berlin-based company presents its latest innovations in February 2020

Scape X Tags Future of Object Recognition Interactive Scape
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Interactive Scape revolutionises object recognition and introduces its latest innovation at Euroshop in Düsseldorf and ISE in Amsterdam with Scape X and Scape X Tags.

Innovation Scape X – Intelligent multitouch displays

After two years of research, the Berlin-based company presents Scape X, a data processing and recognition technology developed by Interactive Scape and based on artificial intelligence. The technology is smart, has an independent learning function, and is now integrated in all multitouch tables and displays by Interactive Scape. As known from smartphones, the new AI-controlled detection technology from Interactive Scape recognises entire hand movements and gestures as well as different items and objects with conductive components. To compare: Prior to the leap in innovation, only individual signals made by fingers could be recognised as binary on/off signals by the sensors.

Cooperation partner 3M

With professional 3M sensors and integrated AI-controlled recognition components from Interactive Scape, all multitouch tables and displays are now independently intelligent. This allows signals to be interpreted in much finer detail, i.e. it recognises where the user is standing, at which angle they are positioned, whether several users are interacting, and what exactly is happening at the table. The result is users can interact naturally at the table. In short, humans no longer have to adapt to the machine; rather, the machine has learned to recognize and understand the natural movements of humans. That’s why Paolo Pedrazzoli, the Global Marketing Manager at 3M for Interactive Scape's displays, rates the current development with a short and sweet: “It's a game changer in object recognition.”

The pioneer work in object recognition comprises a high 35% of the research and development services within the company. The research work carried out by the developers Philipp Ewerling and Paul Peters benefited in particular from current technical developments in machine learning. The innovation contribution lies in the research of highly specialised artificial neural networks that can recognise special patterns particularly well.

Infinite potential applications

In the future, restrictions on object recognition will largely disappear. As a result, thanks to artificial intelligence, object recognition will become faster, more precise, clearer, and more sensitive. For the user, this means more efficient communication and knowledge transfer. This development in sensor technology can be compared to the leap in innovation from the telephone to the smartphone.

Innovation Scape X Tags – Transparent interactive objects

In addition to the Scape X multitouch tables and displays, Interactive Scape is launching another innovation with the latest Scape X Tags. This innovation makes the detection of objects almost invisible. In the future, only thin, transparent markers will be used as sensory communication carriers in communication with the Scape X multitouch tables and displays, which will be applied like stickers to the objects to be recognised.

To compare: Prior to this development, black, visible Capore® objects used to serve as information transmitters. Due to their size, these could only be used for a certain type of presentation or could only be attached to a certain type of product.

Technology is becoming invisible – The product is the focus

This limitation is eliminated immediately with the Scape X Tags. The transparent tags can be attached to almost any type of product or object. The markers are not visible to the user. The result is a WOW effect to the user and astonishment at the magical communication. The product itself is always the focus and can showcase its magic unhindered. The Scape X Tags impress with their very light and transparent look and their unlimited application possibilities.

Market launch Scape X und den Scape X Tags at the ISE and EuroShop

In mid-February, the innovations will be presented to the expert audience at the EuroShop and the ISE trade fairs for the first time. Visitors to the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade fair in Amsterdam can find out more about the new technology from 11-14 February in Hall 10, at Stand R130. Participants at the EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf have the opportunity to do so in Hall 01, at Stand 1B51 between 16 and 20 February.

From this point onwards, all Interactive Scape products will be equipped with the new technology. All products with integrated AI will have the additional X to identify the product category. The X stands for X-PLORE, X-PERIENCE, and X-CITEMENT. From February, the multitouch tables and displays will also be available in the Interactive Scape web shop sporting the additional X, such as the Scape X. The Scape X Tags developed for smart object recognition will also be on the market from February and will add new, practically invisible object identification to the Interactive Scape hardware and software units.

Interactive Scape – Pioneering role thanks to level of innovation

With the latest innovations Scape X and Scape X Tags, the Berlin-based company is expanding its core business and its pioneering role in object recognition at the human-machine interface, thereby making it the market leader in intelligent object recognition with AI. Interactive Scape uniquely combines the haptic experience of working together at the table with unlimited digital interaction possibilities. This enables an even better exchange between people, experienced in real time and digitally supported. This creates understandable and intuitive interaction possibilities.
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