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ISL publishes new study on world cruise fleet

“World Cruise Fleet - Developments, Status and Trends”

(PresseBox) (Bremen, ) The Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics is about to publish a collection of actual data and long-term developments of the cruise industry. The new study contains three main chapters with several interesting information on the seagoing cruise fleet, the river cruise fleet and the niche in between, the coastal cruise fleet.

Data on the ocean cruise fleet have been compiled for more than 30 years in the ISL. This allows now not only to present the actual list of 295 cruise vessels with more than 100 beds with key data and information about employment, but also to present some long-term developments like increasing ship numbers, sizes and capacities. Flag, age groups and capacity increases are shown as the main operator groups and brands today as well as 20 years ago. Regarding cruise ship building, the booklet includes a short description of the cruise vessel building specialists with all their deliveries and the up-to-date order book.

Section two is an excerpt of the "River Cruise Fleet Handbook 2013" which is a separate 400+ pages publication. Therefore, the technical data off all 804 river cruise ships with more than 40 beds cannot be included in the new booklet. For the new study "World Cruise Fleet - Developments, Status and Trends" the excerpt explains the different developments in the regions, especially on European waterways, the recent boom in Europe and the increase of the world-wide river fleet during the last ten years.

Section three is completely new and shows the coastal cruise ships between 40 and 100 beds for the first time. Their aggregated capacity is only 5,000 beds, but the 85 ships open a lot of exotic destinations just because of their small size. Most of them ply the protected waters of the Ha Long Bay, others the Galapagos archipelago, the Dalmatian coast or the polar seas. There is not only a statistical analysis of this very heterogeneous fleet but also a 20 page ship register with many technical data. In addition, a ship-finder, a list of ex-names and an in-depth analysis of the Ha Long Bay fleet makes working with the section easier.

The study "ISL World Cruise Fleet - Developments, Status and Trends" is released in September 2013 and is published by the ISL Bremen. It has 92 pages and is written in English language. The print version as well as the digital pdf version are available in the ISL Webshop (, the price is 250,00 EUR (220,00 EUR) plus VAT (in case of inland sales).

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