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INTEGRITY project kicked-off

Heading towards a win-win situation between industry and Customs for global container transport

(PresseBox) (Bremen, ) A new challenging project has been kicked-off intending to significantly improve the reliability and predictability of global door-to-door container chains. Funded by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme for Research & Development, the INTEGRITY project was launched on 17 June 2008. A total budget of 12m€ will allow the consortium running the project to implement new procedures and software tools which it is hoped will be adopted throughout the supply chain.

At the heart of the project is the development of the Shared Integrated Container Information System (SICIS) allowing authorised companies and government authorities to access planning and status information of selected consignments. Proactive planning according to the Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) approach allows problems to be forecast well before they might occur. Matching logistics data with security information, including data from electronic seals, container security devices, and scanning equipment, together with the integration of the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) concept, will allow INTEGRITY to meet the needs of both the logistics industry and Customs Authorities. In order to achieve its goals, INTEGRITY will also integrate other building blocks such as the results of the current EU-China Customs project (SSTL - Smart and Secure Trade Lanes).

The selected trade lane is one of the busiest corridors on the globe: starting in China at the port of Yantian, via Rotterdam and Felixstowe into the European hinterland. The intention is to follow about 5,000 containers during the INTEGRITY trials to test the benefits of a more integrated approach.

Cooperation with another project funded under the 7th Framework Programme, SmartCM, will allow the concepts to be extended to additional trade lanes.

Coordinated by the Bremen-based Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL), experts from different sectors are to share their experience and expectations: Customs Authorities from the UK and the Netherlands; port operators from Yantian, Felixstowe, and Rotterdam; inland terminal operators in Duisburg and Venlo; cargo owners such as XEROX and A.S. Watson; 3PLs including DHL Global Forwarding and Seacon Logistics; the scientific institutions Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Cross-border Research Association from Lausanne; as well as technology provider OHB Teledata from Bremen - will all work together over the next three years to ensure the success of the project.