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Secure Business Communication with Mobile Devices

Infotecs and its Partner Company at the Mobile World Congress 2014

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- Retrospection on the Mobile World Congress from February, 24th to 27th 2014 in Barcelona
- Infotecs and its partner company NII SOKB Ltd. at the largest event of the mobile communications industry
- Presentation of a joint solution for the protection of mobile business communication

As a company operating on an international scale, the IT security company Infotecs and its partner company Research Institute of Complex Security Systems (NII SOKB Ltd.) presented a solution for the protection of business communication via mobile devices (SafePhone Plus - Complex Solution for Enterprise Mobile Communication Protection) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world's largest and most successful event for mobile communication.

Last week the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ended and surpassed the previous record with more than 85,000 visitors from 201 countries (source: press release GSMA of 27.02.2014). The number of visitors and companies reflects the enormous importance of mobility, which has become an omnipresent topic across various branches.

From February, 24th to 27th companies, global players as well as start-ups, presented the latest mobile technologies and mobile devices - from smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG Pro 2 or the Android devices of the Nokia family X, to the tablets such as the Sony Xperia Z2 and finally the latest trend of wearables. Wearables are smartphone watches or intelligent fitness trackers, like the Samsung Gear Fit or the Huawei TalkBand B1. Innovations such as the Oral-B tooth brush BrushWave demonstrated the strive for mobile connectivity in all fields. There were top-class keynote speakers such as Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, and Virginia Rometty, CEO and president of IBM, who attracted the visitors to come to the Mobile World Congress.

Another focus of the Barcelona fair was set on the topic of IT security. The interest for the protection of data sent via mobile devices was not only on the rise because of the latest spying scandals of secret services. GSM, the globally most common standard for mobile networks, reveals safety risks which cannot be ignored. The reports about malware, spread via smartphones and tablet PCs are steadily increasing, and the collaboration between mobile communications providers and national secret services is already known.

At the Mobile World Congress, Infotecs, the expert for high-security solutions, together with its partner company Research Institute of Complex Security Systems (NII SOKB Ltd.) presented a joint mobile device management (MDM) solution. The company NII SOKB Ltd. is a global research institute for complex security systems and operates as a system integrator. The joint solution SafePhone Plus - ViPNet & VoIP promises the companies to ensure a secured and safe access to company resources via mobile devices. The technology consists of three components - the MDM system SafePhone of NII SOKB Ltd. as well as a mobile VoIP application and the ViPNet VPN encryption solution of Infotecs. This gives companies the chance to protect their mobile devices from any manipulation through Bluetooth, SMS or Wi-Fi tempering and to make secure telephone calls via VoIP. The MDM system SafePhone prevents the deletion of security-related apps and the VPN client encrypts the whole IP traffic, both between mobile phones and to the company.

"Smartphones and tablets have already established themselves in the corporate world. More and more managers and sales representatives access company data via a mobile device", explains Jörg Wiedecke, Product Manager of Infotecs Internet Security Software GmbH. "In this process, the highest priority is communication security and protection against attacks. Together with the joint solution of NII SOKB Ltd. and Infotecs we create a solid basis for protected and modern communication. Furthermore, we established interesting contacts to other technology companies in Barcelona. Next year, that's for sure, we will take part again at the Mobile World Congress."

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Press release GSMA about the Mobile World Congress of 27.02.2014

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