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Infotecs Attends Sokolenko's XYZ Exhibit at Jessica Carlisle Gallery in London

(PresseBox) (London, ) Infotecs is proud to continue its involvement with visionary author and artist Dmitry Sokolenko whose exhibition XYZ is currently in London at the Jessica Carlisle Gallery. Sokolenko holds a degree in microbiology, specializing as a bio-technical engineer, and is known for taking abstract art to another level. The viewer is introduced to Sokolenko’s artworks through a set of visual signs, not created from an artist’s emotive approach, but rather a scientific one. Through interacting with XYZ each visitor will uncover varying layers of meaning, some of which may only become apparent after reflection and a second look.

Symbols resonate with people at many levels. Sokolenko’s works are all the more exciting because they are not subject to formulaic interpretation. This exhibition is about colour and the idea of meaning in general. The colours in the exhibition are orange and various manifestations of red, with the balance in black & white. The Jessica Carlisle Gallery in London is a perfect venue for this multi-faceted experience of Sokolenko’s XYZ exhibition. The stunning space, central London location and welcoming atmosphere make buying art more accessible to first timers and seasoned collectors alike.

Also on display at the exhibition are copies of Sokolenko’s recent book sponsored by Infotecs. Infotecs firmly believes that supporting the arts is an important contribution which companies can make for the benefit of society. “The mission of leading technology vendors is not just to drive innovation in their own field, but to raise the quality and standard of life across the board,” says Andrey Chapchaev, CEO of Infotecs. “Sponsoring and supporting the arts is one of the ways to achieve this.”

About the gallery Jessica Carlisle

Jessica Carlisle was founded in 2014 as a pop-up gallery for showcasing UK emerging artists. Its recent move to Marylebone will see it widen its remit to encompass international projects. The gallery´s collaborative and varied programming seeks always to show art that engages on a visual level as much as an intellectual one, with a particular focus on painting. Find out more: This exhibition is a collaborative project with Stern Arts Ltd,


For more information about Dmitry Sokolenko and his artworks, please contact the gallery:

Jessica Carlisle

You can also see Dmitry Sokolenko on Facebook:

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