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Fiber Optic Fault Locators FIBERPOINT® with new look and new functionality!

In time for the spring of 2016, the reliable and successful FIBERPOINT® 250 series now has more functions and a fresh new look

(PresseBox) (Unterschleißheim, ) With its rugged design, the new FIBERPOINT® 250 is perfect for field applications. It provides visualizations of breaks and stressed cable areas. Another important application is continuity testing of fiber optic cables, delivering reliable results for cables up to 5 km long.

The four models that previously made up the 250 series are now combined in just two. There is a low-power and a high-power (HP) version that both operate in pulsed and CW mode. The previous models each had only one of the two modes on board.

Along with the enhanced functionality, another outstanding aspect of the new models is the rugged design. The FIBERPOINT® 250 is fully splash-resistant as soon as the captive dust cap is in place. In addition, the FIBERPOINT® 250 has a swivel-mounted plastic clamp and is highly shock-resistant thanks to the rubberized housing.

Due to their unique design, the low-power and high-power versions are grouped in laser classes 2 and 2M, which means that laser protection precautions are not needed for either device. This makes them much easier to use in the field!

The FIBERPOINT® 250 is 170 mm long without the clamp and has a diameter of about 21 mm. With the clamp extended, the FIBERPOINT® is 195 mm long. Both models are shipped in Quadro-Safe packaging.

The laser beam, with a wavelength of approx. 635 nm, is easily visible even in bright surroundings. The optical output is less than 1 mW for the low-power version and 5 mW for the high-power version. The coupling efficiency in standard single mode and multi-mode fibers is about 50%. In pulsed mode, the devices can be used for up to 40 hours without changing the batteries (2 x AAA).

Testing is possible for all common connector types: DIN, E2000, FC, SC and ST. And with the specially designed adapters (available separately), the testers can be used with other connector types such as the 1.25 mm LC ferrule connector, MU and F3000 as well as POF and SMA connectors.

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