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Varta Storage is new IBESA Competence Partner - Common Engagement for Battery Safety

(PresseBox) (Bonn, ) Apart from a thematic extension to the areas of Smart Home and E-Mobility, the international competence network IBESA currently attaches great importance to battery safety. "Security lies in the detail and thus already within the cell selection," states Markus Hoehner, founder of the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance. Lithium-ion storage systems offer a variety of positive characteristics, which make them part of most diverse areas of applications. But a steadily distillation also shows that both, lack of quality of the individual components of a battery as well as improper handling, can cause a potential hazard, which finally means a huge challenge for the entire industry. According to this, IBESA has dedicated itself to the development of standards and a common engagement with companies, which also focus on quality - an aspect that is not always the decisive factor in a cost-driven market on the part the buying decision of the end customer.

As an experienced battery manufacturer Varta Storage supports the discussion from now on as an IBESA partner, as safety central to Varta's whole research and development. Existing standards are the minimum requirements in terms of safety. "The risk assessment of the whole life cycle of a product has been taken into account", so Varta CEO Herbert Schein, adding: "It bears repeating that safety does not begin in the basement of the consumer, but already during the production and after leaving the factory. Questions, such as how the installer gets the battery safely to the place of installation, whether a battery weight of 100kg is justifiable and what risks arise if such a battery falls out of his hands, must be answerable."

IBESA welcomes the commitment of Varta Storage because the company has put together all these considerations of appropriate standards in an extensive catalog of requirements and developed a battery bank with a multilevel safety system. Markus Hoehner: "The philosophies of Varta Storage and IBESA match perfectly, because for both of us quality is the measurement of all technological developments. As a network of competence, it is our goal to focus on an international level on existing knowledge and to enable the development of the storage market together. On the long run this will only be successful with partners who focus on quality in spite of an increasing global competition."

Each battery module is a self-contained unit. This technical structure ensures, among other things, that in the case of any disturbance inside of the battery module it does not come to a failure of the entire system. Safety is the top priority for IBESA. The decisive factor is that only those cells are used which meet, in combination, the highest demands on safety, durability and efficiency. Varta CEO Schein adds: "Only a few know that a high life cycle and high calendar life is required for the durability. Since durability mainly influences the lifetime of the whole system. This is proved by extensive aging tests. At least, the battery cell is the smallest unit in the safety system. And it is just the cell quality which finally separates the wheat from the chaff among the battery manufacturers. Our touchstone therefore is to provide the safest, most efficient system with the highest quality, installer can easily work with and to offer our customers a comfortable, flexible and individual usage - always in the context of the greatest possible safety demand."

In recent weeks IBESA was in close contact with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) that proved by tests that safety is not for all providers available in the market of top priority. In many cases the price is more important and decisive for the selection of the components, the consequence being that quality and safety often fall by the wayside. The main point for Varta Storage as well as for IBESA is: security begins ex-factory.

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