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Hush Technologies - the leading company of the "silent revolution" in the computer technology

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) With his invention Klaus Heesen had an absolute innovative idea.

It taps so perfectly the pulse of our age that we can unequivocabel assure to the fanless and whispering silent systems belong the future. Cause the system is Completely fanless cooled down. The plain and flat silver-grey case is entirely made up of a heat-conducting aluminium alloy with flashy aluminium ribs - the cooling element - on the sites. Through heatpipes the heat, which is produced from the processor, the Northbridge and the graphic card is deduced soundless to the cooling elements.

It is whispering silent. Thanks to this passive cooling procedure the system is even full load hardly ever to hear - noise emissions under 0,1 Sone - and so ideal for an ergonomic workstation as noise is sickening. But that s not all!

It has a plain and elegant design integrated in an ultra compact precision case. The complex chassis structure has a thickness of up to 15mm, the surface is brushed and anodized, and it is extremely quiet with low vibration construction on massive silicon feet for shock absorbing. It offers therefore a practical solution to the twin problems of space and noise and is an attention getter for every modern office equipment It is extreme energy efficient. Due to the absence of fans, the high power efficiency of the power supply units and the utilisation of selected energy-saving electronic components it saves up to 30% energy compared to competitive products. Furthermore it is nearly maintenance-free and at any time upgradable and changeable to updated software.

Hush Technologies Deutschland GmbH

Headquartered just outside Stuttgart, Germany HUSH Technologies is the leading manufacturer of award-winning precision-engineered, silent PCs. Established in 2003, HUSH Technologies have been pioneering the silent PC and winning numerous awards. Ergonomics, reliability and silence are our philosophy and our focus is on beautifully designed products, at home as much in the living room as much as the office.

Hush Technologies (UK) Ltd, have teamed up with Digital Fidelity, London-based software outfit specialising in the management and control of digital content in the home, to produce the Hush DigiFi under license.

Hush Technologies - The Science of Silence.