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First class performance explores new dimensions Hush™ Technologies and the Intel® Core™2 Quad processors!

The fanless Hush-Systems E6, B6, B7 and M3 are available from now on with the Intel® Core™2 Quad processors

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Hush Technologies, one of the worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of precision engineered fanless PCs, Home Media Center, fanless power supply units and cooling systems is - like ever so often - in the front line on the topic of "unrivalled innovation".

From now on the fanless, energy-efficient, elegant and revolutionary silent Hush-systems are available with the new Quadcore-Dimension. The Intel® Core 2 Quad processors, which are based on the Intel® Core micro architecture, have instead of one or two even four processor cores, that allow an incredible great speed. With the new Quad processors from Intel® Core the fanless products of Hush Technologies offer an extreme high performance by breakthrough energy consumption. With the new power and speed of the Quad processors the Hush-systems - by the way famous for Multimedia, CAD/CAM, Business and Medical applications - are designed to handle smoothly and successful several computationally intensive functions of ambitious Multitasking environment simultaneously.

Quicker processing for numerous fields, as Video-,language-, and picture applications, photo editing, encoding, financial-, technical- and scientific applications. The 45-nm-models offer thanks to the Intel® HD Boost with the new SSE4-instructions even more Multimedia-Performance.

Discover the new quad core dimension and live the performance, the power and the silentness of the Hush-systems - the maximum of Multithread-applications!

So Hush Technologies offers for the first time worldwide the smallest fanless PC with the Intel® Core 2 Quad technology!

Hush Technologies Deutschland GmbH

Headquartered just outside Stuttgart, Germany HUSH Technologies is the leading manufacturer of award-winning precision-engineered, silent PCs. Established in 2003, HUSH Technologies have been pioneering the silent PC and winning numerous awards. Ergonomics, reliability and silence are our philosophy and our focus is on beautifully designed products, at home as much in the living room as much as the office.

Hush Technologies (UK) Ltd, have teamed up with Digital Fidelity, London-based software outfit specialising in the management and control of digital content in the home, to produce the Hush DigiFi under license.

Hush Technologies - The Science of Silence.