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Washing, Cutting and Drying ...

(PresseBox) (Meckesheim, ) Not only hairdressers and barbers can do this, but also the machines of HERBOLD MECKESHEIM GmbH – the latter are appropriate for recycling contaminated and mixed plastic waste, i.e. PET bottles, agricultural film, barrels and containers, oil reservoirs, etc.

A new product of HERBOLD MECKESHEIM is the T 406 (Figure) that, with its particularly compact design, can be used at several places in recycling lines: e.g. it can do the job of a friction washer after the size reduction step to unravel paper and separate dirty water from the product stream. The machine can also be used as a mechanical drying centrifuge at the end of the washing process. With hot washing systems for separating glues, it can do the job of an alkali separator. T 406 can be supplied with drives up to 30 kW and will achieve a throughput of up to 2 t/h.

At the inlet, the machine is tangentially fed with the material to be treated, and this material is then conveyed along a perforated cylinder to the outlet with the help of a paddle wheel rotor. Due to the centrifugal force applied to the material the dirty water and the product are separated through the perforations of the cylinder. In order to avoid a choking of the cylinder perforations, the outer surface is permanently cleaned with a rotary system.

At the outlet, cleaned plastic material, freed from dirty water, has been achieved.

Above all, the main advantages of this new development are the compact design and the easy exchange of wear parts.

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