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HERBOLD Meckesheim GmbH will present a new product

Small shredder for big parts

(PresseBox) (Meckesheim, ) HERBOLD MECKESHEIM GmbH ( has developed a new single-shaft shredder HR 102 P (see photo) with minimal space requirement to treat bulky hollow bodies.
Possible applications are barrels up to 220 l (55 gallons); purgings, tops and tails occurring during production can also be treated. Another application is bulky thermoforming waste, large injection moulding parts (such as bumpers), loose film waste, etc. In addition to the conventional horizontal pushing device, this shredder has an additional pneumatically operated pushing device acting from above which has a positive effect on the material being seized by the rotor. If quality granulate is required, it will be possible to add a subsequent low-speed granulator from our machine series, as depicted on the enclosed sketch.

HERBOLD MECKESHEIM shredders are characterised by low-noise operation and, due to their low-speed functioning, will produce few fines or dust, therefore the material can easily be used again. The machine can either be placed at ground level and fed via a belt conveyor or in a near pit. A direct treatment of the waste where it arises, without any intermediate conveyance or costly sound insulation measures and a space-saving design are the advantages in comparison to a big granulator. The power input of a shredder is only a small percentage compared to a big granulator since with a shredder the needed power is generated by the torque and not by the centrifugal mass.

A machine of this series is now available for tests free of charge and without engagement with customer's own material in the technical testing centre of HERBOLD MECKESHEIM.

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